VoteAmerica’s E-Sign technology

Americans don’t need to be convinced to vote. They need to be able to vote. It’s harder to vote in the United States than in any other nation with democratically-elected leadership. We know that voters turn out when you ask them to, and when they have the resources to be able to. But some states have systematically made it hard to register and to request a mail-in ballot (also called an absentee ballot), and it’s no accident that these barriers disproportionally affect low-income voters and voters of color.

Partisan campaigns focus on what are called “high-propensity” voters — people who…

(This story was originally posted on the Twilio Blog)

At VoteAmerica, we work to help Americans register to vote, and request vote-by-mail (also known as absentee) ballots. We use technology to remove barriers to voting and make sure that everyone can vote safely, easily, and securely.

The 2020 election will be like no other: with a global pandemic, we anticipate a massive increase in the number of Americans who will vote by mail this November, and we’re making sure that requesting a mail-in ballot is as accessible as possible. Requesting a ballot can be difficult: in many states, you need…

Ben Weissmann

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