My Hiring Criteria This Go Around

Once again I find myself looking for engineering talent. Hiring technical staff is never easy so I thought it might be best to enumerate a few of my hiring criteria:

  • Solid Technical Chops. Without question you need to be solid technically. I reserve the right to ask you weird ass technical questions to see how you think.
  • Volkswagen Test. Yep. That’s right. If we’re stuck in a Volkswagen together for an extended period of time I want to at least know that I don’t want to throttle you (or you me; this one cuts both ways).
  • Domain Experience. Rails / Ruby / Elixir. Obviously you have to be solid in our technical stack. Docker and AWS expertise are a plus.
  • Leave your dogmas at the door. I’m sorry but if you’re too religious about something that doesn’t fit the project then this isn’t for you.
  • Pairing. This is a pairing environment where we’re likely to at spend at least the first hour of the day pair programming. I know that pairing is a painful experience but its the best way I’ve ever seen to train people on new code bases.
  • Testing Skills. Yep. I’ll admit that sometimes you don’t write tests. We all make that mistake. Solid test coverage experience is required. I don’t care if its Test::Unit, Rspec or MiniTest but its required.
  • Be Able to Work Remotely. Remote work is fantastic — if you’re able to pull it off day after day, year after year. Not everyone can and this is a remote job. I’m used to working with people and never even meeting them and that’s just fine. The only location criteria are U.S. based to avoid complicated legal issues. I prefer EST as a time zone but I’m not wedded to it.
  • Side Project. I didn’t used to have this as a criteria but increasingly I think that having a side project illustrates who you are as a technical person. I don’t care if its building a gaming system for your kid like Jeff, writing a blog, learning a new language or whatever but the best technical staff tend to do this. My one exception to this is if you’re a new parent, well, I get it. But I want baby pictures then!

While there’s likely one or two others, I think that’s a solid set of criteria. This is mostly for a back end job so basic “doesn’t look like arse” front end skills are really all that’s needed. Interested? Figure out how to contact me and get me a resume or github url and let’s talk.