Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017 Conference!

It’s been about 2 weeks since we’ve come back from Japan, the Tech in Asia Tokyo 2017 Conference. Time flies! Felicia and I really had an unforgettable time together, from meeting lovely people, experiencing the great vibes of Tokyo, eating great food - to enjoying the lovely autumn weather and absorbing everything that makes Japan so wonderful (as much as we could do in two days). Here are the top 5 things we would love to share with you about our trip in Japan!

1. Food!

Ok - we are just going to start of with the most obvious, well at least to us, FOOD! We had awesome Tonkatsu, Sushi, Ramen, Gyoza, Okonomiyaki (which we could not remember how to pronounce ;-)), yeah we had it all with an ‘eat all, diet later/never ’ attitude. The food is just amazing, so many flavours and varieties with beautiful, fresh ingredients!

2. People

It was really inspiring and heartwarming to experience all the kindness of all the Japanese people around us. We made a lot of friends while eating actually, food is just the best way to connect with people! We were also super lucky to see a Japanese rap street battle at the Shibuya crossing, with so much creativity and talent in music, arts and fashion. It was awesome, Japan is just awesome. We almost started break dancing, almost…

3. Tech in Asia Conference Tokyo 2017

The Conference was super inspiring too! The programme consisted of Japanese start-ups, global companies, corporates, entrepreneurs and many more. Workshops, panel discussions, presentations, booths and a start-up battle - it was all happening! The sessions were conducted in either English or Japanese, but luckily we received translators for the Japanese sessions. We were inspired by the panel discussion about AI (Artificial Intelligence), represented by a Product Manager of Uber, VR for Education (to learn English and Japanese) by a Taiwan-based start-up, the panel discussion by powerful women in Tech and last but not least, the Start-Up battle which was won by our absolute favorite, UmiGarden! UmiGarden enables data management and intelligence for fish farmers in order to optimize their feeding for the fish. Overall, absolutely two inspiring days with new insights!

4. Shopping

OMG — the shopping is just DA BOMB in Tokyo! Unfortunately we did not have that much time, but we did manage to buy a few things after the Conference! Funky socks, earrings, shoes, a golden pineapple (#ohyeah): all made in Japan! And not to forget the delicious Matcha sweets we brought back (and were finished in a sec ;-)) for our best Palowan buddies in Singapore!

5. Public toilets

And yes the Japanese public toilets.. Some find the sprayings weird, others find the ocean sounds very relaxing.. For us - the toilets were just THE example of how organized and structured Japan is and how respectful people are in terms of keeping not only their houses, but the overall country clean.

It is just amazing how we got so much done in two days, learnt a lot and had so much fun along the way. A big thank you to Palo IT for sending us over! It was really a memorable trip where we created the best memories in one of the most inspiring countries of the world. And not to forget, experiencing this all with not just a colleague, but a true friend.

Thank you so much Palo IT for this experience and especially to the lovely hosting people in Japan. Arigatõ!

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