5+ Tips to boost unexpected (overnight) working hours

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Developers often work in a fast-moving environment. Sometimes only because it is our own will, sometimes due to our bad time management, other times due to the bad manager requiring us some stuff ASAP (though it was possible to prevent it!), or just because the customer really needs it on time (and l we could not foresee it), no matter what, but there is a very harsh deadline requesting us to work extra hours, even overnight. In such a case there are a few things to keep in mind to have your primary tool (your brain) working properly. Here we make a quick guide with three mementos for everyday life and three more for the deadline day. …

Don’t test to make “lines green” but to ensure things won’t break

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Coverage is a great tool to ensure you tested the software properly. In detail, a coverage tool supervises what pieces of code are touched by testing: to different extents (depending on the tool capabilities and configuration) switches, classes, lines, etc. are verified to be run and executed along with tests.

However, this does not mean the tool understands either the code nor the test. There are a lot of silent issues that dodge coverage control. …

Know the enemy: know yourself.

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Being honest with ourselves is indeed a great sign of maturity and humbleness. But for a programmer (and for a few other professionals) such a quality is a strong need. It is the basement of programming somehow: the machine does nothing but what we ask it to do (thanks God!). The strait consequence is that if there is a point of failure, then it must be us, the humans. Without admitting we were wrong, we will not be able to debug a single line of code. Ever.

Knowing the tricks

As a skilled gamer has a very different style from a newbie, in the same way a senior programmer has often a very effective mindset achieving bug-solving in a little time, while the junior most of times still has no idea at all. Experience is the key, but also humbleness and steady nerves. Even as a junior, there is a high chance to track down bugs effectively if you know the tricks. …

… or the effectiveness of renouncing: YAGNI

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Working as a Software Developer has several peculiar traits that make it quite distant from the other working positions: it is genuinely abstract, it requires extreme clear-mind-ness and focus, it pushes problem solving to its essence, — please add here your favorite line too — .

But beside the internet culture, the hoods, the stickers, and the trivia, I think there are many deep and precious things a professional programmer needs to be able to do. Most of them are not being taught in school, they are shared from seniors to juniors, or spread in blog posts or internet readings… So I hope this will be. …

How can we obtain an AI -whatsoever intelligent- to be human-like, or how can we humans teach an Artificial General Intelligence to be itself?

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In the exploding era of computing (ubiquitous, mobile, quantum or whatever suits you better) there’s still a sacred Graal we struggle to reach without success, even if we look closer every Moore’s law step we advance: Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).

Back in 2010 or so, in my days as Bioengineering MSc at University, I had my 10 minutes epiphany. I suddenly pictured that, some day, a reinforcement learning implementation general enough on a hardware powerful and beautiful enough might have led to a so-called strong artificial intelligence or artificial general intelligence. …


Fabio Veronese

Software Engineer, Bioengineering MSc and Information Engineering PhD. Former researcher, observing reality and imagining future.

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