The Elixir of All-Power

[Challenge level = 6]

All quests are designed for parties of 4 heroes, and can be complete in 4/5 hours. Encounters will reference set pieces in the surrounding area (platforms, alters, trees etc.) but feel free to incorporate or reimagine parts of the map and story. 1 Chapter = 1 Encounter. Most encounters takes place in a 30 sq foot area unless stated. Writer’s notes to the DM will be italicised, not to be read to the group. Recommended use of graph paper. It makes each encounter easier to track i.e movement, enemies, damage, and you can write notes etc. Consult the D&D Player’s Handbook & Monster Manual for rules/stats. Use your imagination, be creative, and have fun.


Our heroes arrive at an underground cavern. A massive valley just below the surface of the earth. A vast cavern with perilous cliffs and waterfalls cascading from above and falling into the abyss below you. The sun shines into the valley and creates rainbow arches from the mist created from the waterfalls. Vines, exotic flora, and colourful flowers drape over the cliffs and dangle along the apex of the valley. The air is humid and warm, the ground wet. In front of you stands a ruinous Aztecan Temple.

A flyer posted on the town notice has you seeking the ‘elixir of all-power’ and requires “warriors of relentless fortitude and heroism” by notice of the kings royal commissary. A task this great from the office of the king must yield a treasure most rewarding.

Chapter 1

The Temple Courtyard

You trek down the trail along the cliff edge and walk up a few steps onto the plateau of the temple, an open area just in front of the main doors. There is a old fountain in the middle with a contraption on its pillar-like stature. The fountain is surrounded by a pool. The water is black and full of old, dead foliage. At the edges against the walls lie thick rows of exotic flowers of vibrant colour. Bowls of kerosene with a lit flame at either end of the garden. The ground is made up of intricately designed granite blocks. Slightly slimy and mushy from the humidity, and moss growing between the cracks. You notice two similar contraptions to the one on top of the fountain at either side of the door. An inscription reads:

‘Those who work together, travel the path together’

What do you do?

Inspect foliage: +10 Wisdom (fail: Gas Spores explode)
Inspect fountain: +15 perception (fail: grabbed by Water Hag) (succeed: flammable liquid)
Activate contraption/lever simultaneously: Door opens.

Enemies: 2x Water Hags (hiding in fountain). Multiple Gas Spores scattered around edges of courtyard.

Conditions: burning Hags still survive, are more dangerous. Spores can be handled, thrown etc.

Chapter 2

No Way Out

After making it through the door, it violently slams shut behind you, throwing dust into the air and shaking you where you stand. The only way is forward. The room is large, like a foyer. A chandelier with lit candles hangs from the ceiling precariously by a rope. The flames are unusually large. Across the room from you is a large stone door like the one that shut behind you. There are 4 support pillars in the corner of the room. You just have enough time to survey the room until suddenly the lights go out and the room enters darkness. A crack in the ceiling where the chandelier hangs is the only source of light, and even then it doesn’t shine much light through. You hear a rustling, like leaves.

Your senses tell you that something isn’t quite right. What do you do?

Inspect room (Sight): +15 Perception (fail: Spiders jump from webs on each pillar towards players) (succeed: See spiders on webs above. Gain Advantage on first round of fight. See gas spores )
Inspect room (Smell): +5 Perception (succeed: Smell gas)
Shoot rope on chandelier: +15 — Darkness / +10 — Light (fail: alert spiders) (succeed: Chandelier drops causing 20 damage to anything underneath in a 5ft radius. If flames on candles still lit, falls to ground and explodes, causing a further 10 damage to anything in a 20ft radius)

Enemies: 4x spiders. 1x Drider.

Pillars are webbed. Touching alerts spiders. Spiders gain advantage in fights in darkness.

Gas spores fill room with gas. Destroy to remove gas.

Hook chandelier and pull it out of the ceiling causes roof to fall in and clear room of gas. Lights the room.

Chapter 3

Round-Table Knights

From the foyer, you travel down a corridor to a haunting room, . You’re greeted by a Marid, water elemental, sitting at a table in the middle of the room, it’s dimly lit, but you’re able to see the room clearly. You notice you’re standing on a platform, almost like a bridge, just over a body of water on each side. The platform is about 10 ft.wide and stretches to the other side of the room. Against the walls there are similar platforms, but are lined with coffins, some open, some sealed. Skulls, and bones litter the ground and the air is dusty. The Marid invites you to sit and play a game with him. He holds in his hand a pack of cards. There is a kerosene lantern on the table to light the playing area. The table has some cryptic markings and illustrations, like a mystical ouija board.

Won’t you play?


You will need a standard pack of playing cards. Shuffle and place 20 face down, in a 4 rows of 5. Players take turns to pick a card. One player draws, then the Marid draws. Pick cards at random.
Collect the number of points on the card. ie. 5 = 5 points. Beat the Marid by getting the most points at the end of the game.
Royal Cards: Skeletons burst from coffins.
Jokers: Shadows grab you and pull you underwater.
Beat the Marid — Door opens. Marid defeats you — Fight him.

At least one person must stay at the table. Jumanji style — player must take their turn in order. No one else can take a take a person go fro them.

Underwater: +15 strength (succeed: Break free)

Can’t attack the Marid (Unless you lose the game and have to fight him)

Chapter 4

The Ring

You walk through the next corridor, on to fall foul of a trap and have you and your entire party slide down a tunnel and into round room. After surveying, you quickly realise that this isn’t just a cirulcar room. It’s a pit. A fighting ring. The walls are concrete with no way of climbing, the upper tier has a bamboo fence where spectators can look upon the fights. There are 8 corridors leading away from the pit, each with such a foul smell that you can’t bear to venture down them. There is stained blood on the ground. Fresh. You hear footsteps running from the corridors. You’re confronted by 3 Yuan-ti and a Yuan-ti abomination branding a Kukri and a decorative horn. He blows the horn and releases a deep, echoed sound. You hear a mechanical bellow from one of the corridors. The ground shudders. Something approaches.

What do you do?

Inspect room: +10 Perception (Fail: Hooked by the Kukri) (Succeed: You notice a large log lying on the ground and kerosene lanterns mounted on the walls).
Listen: +10 Perception (Succeed: Identify which corridor the Gorgon will come out).

Enemies: 1x Yuan-ti Abomination. 3x Yuan-Ti. 1x Gorgon.

Gorgon charges every 2 turns. Players can trip Gorgon with logs or halt him by placing fire in his path. Gorgon only charges as long as the horn is blown.

Chapter 5

Crypt of the Dead

You walk through the door to the central chamber. Its size stuns you in awe, as you gaze at the large pyramid structure in the in the middle 0f the room. It’s base is surrounded by a moat, water running all around it, with 4 bridges either side leading to it. O top of the pyramid sits a glass vial, the Elixir of All-Power. It’s quiet, there is an evil presence that chills you to your bones. Why does this seem so easy? Suddenly, a wraith materialises like magic just behind where the Elixir is perched on top of the pyramid, but doesn’t move and appears to be dormant, floating in the air just a few feet from the Elixir.

What do you do?

Approach the Elixir: Wraith does nothing until a player picks it up, then attacks that player.
Inspect Water: (D15 — History) Fail: Surprised by Shahaugin. They gain advantage on first round. Succeed: You spot a number of Shahaugin on the water waiting in ambush, they don’t know that you can see them. Advantage on attacks. You also spot a long, large silhouette swimming underwater, but can’t quite identify it (D20 — Hist0ry).
Inspect Crypt: (D10 — Perception) Fail: Clumbsily slip into water. Succeed: Spot, gas spores on against the walls. Pillars look made with brittle stone, like some force will cause them to topple over. Kerosene lanterns on the walls and dotted up the pyramid).

Enemies: 1x Wraith. 1x Spirit Naga. 6x Shahaugin.

This final section is a straight boss battle.

After the players slay all enemies in the crypt and have acquired the sacred Elixir of All-Power. The tomb door opens out the back of the pyramid, leading to a dense, tropical rainforest with colourful birds chirping, the sounds of waterfalls gushing, mist in the air, and sunlight penetrating through the thick tree-line.

There are hot springs for you to clean yourself, you look back and vines are covering the exit from whence you came from the crypt. Interlocking and tightening to make sure that no one ventures inside again.

This gives you from breathing space, allowing you a chance to relax and enjoy this small slice of paradise in a lost world. Alas, there are more adventures to come.

This ends the ‘Elixir or All-Power’ quest. Congratulate the party, offer them rewards as you see fit, and tally experience points. Open up the table for discussion and talk about the quest with everyone.

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