ImpactByte Scholarship Ceremony at KEB Hana Bank Building

Amazing Experience in ImpactByte Bootcamp

ImpactByte is an onsite coding bootcamp with fast-track course in Indonesia

Hello, World!

My name is Furqan and I am part of Batch #1 Amazing Ancalagon. I am currently graduated in ImpactByte Bootcamp Scholarship and my startup journey is still on progress. Our bootcamp started on December 10th, 2018 and ended on February 8th, 2019.

Ancalagon is the largest dragon to have ever existed in Middle-Earth or Lord of The Rings universe.

A little background about myself: I used to be stock-broker in the financial industry. My degree in college was Accounting and had not taken any computer science classes. I have a little programming knowledge from some online courses in Udemy and Udacity, but in essence, I am a novice in coding.

Why I joined ImpactByte?

Introduction to ImpactByte

ImpactByte is co-founded by M Haidar Hanif and William Hendradjaja. They are amazingly talented individuals with different skills and background experiences. One in tech and one in business.

I chose ImpactByte Jakarta for the following reasons:

  1. ImpactByte received good reviews even though its still new and growing (ex. and
  2. The program is oriented towards building a startup. During the latter weeks of the program, the students will develop and pitch their own startups or web application to the audience. It would be a great experience to work on a project as a team and eventually sell it to an audience. So its great its not all about programming, as there is an entrepreneurial side to the bootcamp. Look up our coding “ImpactByte (BatchName)” on github to see some examples of what we are building for final project.
  3. The program is shorter compared to other popular bootcamps. This is a good thing assuming graduates of the bootcamp are job-ready developers in a shorter time frame. On the other-side, the shorter course duration also means having less time to go in-depth on some topics.
  4. I got full-scholarship which basically fit my budget. The program is significantly cheaper compared to other popular bootcamps, mostly based in the Indonesia. The duration of the program is also shorter compared to other bootcamp.
  5. Jakarta is amazing! I love multicultural society and I have some friends I wanted to visit.

How to Join the Bootcamp?

You need to apply online and choose which batch and ImpactByte location you want to join. They currently have camps in Indonesia (Batam and Jakarta).

Hereafter, the directors of the bootcamp will interview you. In my case, they asked about my programming background, past work, and my motivation for joining the bootcamp. No tech or coding background is required, but its important to show that you are serious about learning. I can’t stress enough that you must be truly motivated to learn. In the first two weeks, I had moments when I struggled to understand the operating system environment Linux Ubuntu, HTML, CSS and Javascript languages. While there are coding mentors to help students fix the issues, it is best for you to solve your own issues by searching in Google or StackOverFlow. In your free time, you can learn to code in and for coding inspiration.

If you pass the interview, ImpactByte’s team will give you the coding syllabus for 8 weeks bootcamp. After that, you can reserve your slot in the bootcamp by preparing for an intensive experience journey.

ImpactByte also gives you access to some preparation material for the bootcamp. You can look at the preparation material here.

What I learned from here?

ImpactByte’s course syllabus is always updated to meet the industrial standards. The Chief of Magic ImpactByte M Haidar Hanif designed this syllabus with his wizards wingardium leviosa team.

One of the programming languages that are in demand right now and in the future is Javascript. Here the survey fact.

Every day the participants are encouraged to design, solved, and deploy in Figma, Netlify and Heroku because it is fast and free.

There are many lessons I learned from ImpactByte there are:

Week 1

  • Introduction to ImpactByte
  • Setup Linux Ubuntu and VSCode
  • Git and Github
  • Markdown, HTML, CSS, and Intro Javascript
  • Mini-Quizzes and Projects

Week 2

  • CSS Grid and Flexbox
  • Design in Figma for Mockup
  • Programming Logic
  • Javascript and DOM
  • DOM Projects

Week 3

  • Nodejs
  • jQuery
  • Javascript Libraries
  • Web Architecture
  • Project Management

Week 4

  • React 1
  • React 2
  • Redux 1
  • Redux 2
  • Projects

Week 5

  • Introduction to Database
  • Database ORM and Sequelize
  • MySQL and Workbench
  • Expressjs
  • Project and Quizzes

Week 6

  • Introduction to API
  • Middlewares
  • Authentication and JWT
  • Testing API with POSTMAN
  • Projects

Week 7

  • Start of Final Project
  • Naming the project
  • Ideation and Design
  • Research similar websites
  • Design presentation slide

Week 8

  • Testing API and Database
  • Design homepage and profile
  • Practice presentation
  • Deploy to Heroku, AWS, and Netlify
  • Graduation Day

What are the Final Projects?

There are four final projects presented at graduation day. There are:

  1. | on-demand mechanics service
  2. | program to become a professional athlete
  3. | rentals and item management
  4. | pet finder and adoption

Our team is presenting Rentnesia. It is a web app where a community can store your belongings in our warehouse and rent them while you are not using it to other users. We want to make you live lighter and spark joy to your belongings.

Furqan presenting Mario Kondo’s Book in Rentnesia slides

I came up with this idea a long ago and want to realize it sooner and discuss it with my friends about our idea for the final project. Then, we discuss the most difficult things in any languages which is naming our project. After a long discussion, we agreed on rentnesia which is a great name and fortunately available for dot com. This is thanks to Rina for thinking about this name and thanks to Arsyad for leading the project to success.


  • Arsyad Sukma Ramadhan as Lead Project and Full Stack Developer
  • Rina Hafizah Utami as Frontend Developer
  • Furqan Maudhudy as Backend Developer
From left to right: Arsyad, Rina and Furqan at Graduation Day

Who joined this journey?

There are 12 participants who joined this full scholarship program. There are from different ethnicities and different educational background. I, myself from Aceh province and non-IT.

Here are my friend’s names:

ImpactByte Scholarship Awardees
  • Arsyad Sukma Ramadhan
  • Azerino Yogananta Gatot S.
  • Christian Jehoshaphat Suryo
  • Desi Mandasari
  • Dheta Catur Maharani
  • Furqan Maudhudy
  • Ipul Saepulloh
  • Iwin Pradana Rahardjo
  • Masagus Hariadi Arief
  • Panji Gumelar
  • Rina Hafizhah Utami
  • Yusuf Habibi

and many thanks to ImpactByte Team, ImpactHub Team, KEB Hana Bank, M Haidar Hanif, William Hendradjaja, Maya Asmara, M Kasyfunnur, M Haekal, Gibran Khrisna Putra, Rahman Fadhil, Timy, Bunda Danti, Solihin, Chefs ImpactHub, Ibu Kos Eliyah Kemang, Nyakwa Nona, Nyakwa Noni, my friends in Aceh and my family for everything.

Day 1: Welcoming Ancalagon and Introduction to Everyone

How was my ImpactByte bootcamp experience?

It was an amazing experience. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. While it is possible to study and learn the topics on your own, ImpactByte improved the speed and quality of my learning by providing a great environment, excellent mentors, challenging exercises, and real projects to work on that we had to pitch. More importantly, the entire experience helped develop my confidence that I could actually build an app, and if I didn’t know something I needed, I could just figure it out somehow. I can’t thank my mentors enough for their help and encouragement.

Moving forward, there’s so much to learn about the new tech stacks, making it quite difficult to determine what to study next. A bootcamp won’t make you a web developer expert overnight, but it should definitely set you on the right path towards your goals. For now, I’m going to dig deeper into Javascript and React, improve our app, and hopefully land a job soon!

I hope you enjoyed my story and found it helpful. Thank you for reading!