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The team at Federal Way Washington Locksmith has been happy to provide details in relation to transponder keys and issues which might come up. No matter where you are, if you happen to use transponder key technology, you will find that this information is helpful.

What is a transponder key and how does it work?

A transponder key uses a transponder chip and it works by disarming the immobilizer of a vehicle. The key sends a message electronically which comes from the engine control unit. The transponder chip basically is a match for one that is in the ignition system, and the chip needs to be within a certain distance of the car to provide the code needed to start the vehicle. In addition, the key needs to be able to fit in the ignition lock.

If you bought your vehicle after the mid-1990s, then it is very likely that it contains a transponder chip. With this type of key and anti-theft system, it is safe to say that only the rightful owner of a vehicle will be able to access it. A person with bad intentions shouldn’t be able to steal your vehicle or start it at all without the right key. Added measures of security are always helpful. Of course, with added security comes the chance for issues to arise.

Of course, as with any technology, transponder keys aren’t perfect and problems can come up as previously mentioned. Have a look at this list which was put together by Federal Way, WA experts. If you are dealing with any of these problems, heed the advice provided. Remember that this is a very important part of your vehicle, and you need it to keep your car and valuables inside safe. You will also need it to access your car.

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Potential Transponder Key Problems

  1. The chip appears to be damaged. If this happens, you should make an appointment with your dealership or with your local locksmith.
  2. The transponder key was misplaced. If you can’t find your key, have an expert program a new one. Of course, not just anyone can do this. One would have to have a specific tool and equipment to get this done. Who should you turn to? Again, a local locksmith or your dealership.
  3. The transponder key doesn’t work. This might be the result of a dead battery. However, many transponder keys don’t have a battery. If you don’t know whether or not yours does, so you are unable to figure out if a dead battery is the issue, it is best to talk with an expert.
  4. A refurbished transponder key is unable to be programmed. When you decide to buy a refurbished key, which many people often times do online in an effort to save money, what they don’t realize is that the chip was harvested from a different key. It was then put into your key, and for this reason, you might not be able to have it reprogrammed. The chips ends up being locked which is a safety feature. For this reason, it is best to buy the transponder key directly from an expert, rather than a random online source.

From encrypted keys to zero bitted keys, there are different options available when it comes to transponder keys and a professional will know the differences.

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Get on the phone with an expert!

There are lock and security providers that specialize in automotive security solutions, so they will be able to talk with you about all things transponder keys. Whether you have questions about buying products from a reliable source, or just want some advice which might help you to better understand why your transponder key isn’t working, an expert will be able to help you. Because most locksmiths offer consultations for free, you should have confidence that you can obtain any desired information. An alternative is to talk with the dealership from which you purchased your car, or with a dealership that sells your vehicle. There are experts working at these locations who can answer all of your questions.

Don’t buy online simply because it’s cheaper…you have to be careful!

There are some companies which are very reputable but will refuse to work with a key that wasn’t purchased through them. This tends to be for safety and security reasons. It is important that you talk with an expert prior to making the purchase.

Don’t trust everything you read online…

It is a well-known fact that you can find videos and instructions online for just about anything. There are YouTube videos which offer how to information on how to bypass transponder chips for different cars, or how to program transponder keys on your own. Some of them offer valid information, like the fact that you need to get an appropriate blank, but you should know that literally anyone can post online. Anyone can post an informational YouTube video, but this doesn’t mean that the information is truly accurate. Your best bet is always to go through an expert.

No matter what you drive, whether it is a Ford or Toyota truck, Mazda Protégé, Miata, Hyundai, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Chevrolet, BMW, Lexus, Toyota Tundra, Volkswagen Beatle, Subaru, Nissan, Volvo or anything else, you should be able to find experts who specialize in transponder key programming, duplication and other auto lock related services. It is best to hire a licensed and insured locksmith to cut your new keys for you. Just remember that not just anyone can be trusted to handle the security of your property. Do your research and be sure to hire the best person for the job. If you are in Federal Way, WA or in the surrounding area, dial up the team at Federal Way Washington Locksmith. They have excellent reviews, affordable prices and provide quality services. Hopefully you have found this information to be helpful in your search for more information on transponder keys.

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