Seems like we will need es*next* npm soon )) What do you think about limitations of the npm (es5…
Svetlana Linuxenko

I’m not an expert on that topic by any means, so take this with even more grain of salt than the article.

NPM is pretty awesome. It’s not just for JavaScript, but can ship pretty much anything, including entire apps or any language if you so choose. What’s missing, is information about what a package is. It’s up to the user to properly import the right package (like, there are ES6 packages now for Tree shaking purpose, but it’s mostly convention and documentation driven). You can’t tell what is node-only, what will work in the browser etc.

And then there’s the CSS packaging story, and that’s also either convention driven, or pushing people to CSS in JavaScript solutions purely for package management reasons.

What I do NOT want to see is another package manager because people are impatient. It would be too easy to fork NPM and tack on poorly thought stuff and fragment the ecosystem again. Whatever we do should be with NPM, not something new.

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