Yup, the “clear winner is React”. *cough*
John Munsch

There’s a few issues with Google trends. Mainly that it’s hard to correlate absolute numbers, since a lot of these are common words. The .js part is tricky because while Angular is often suffixed with JS, React much less so (put React instead of React.js in that chart….unless teenagers have recently started including the verb react in their slang, you’ll see the uptick).

Angular is also riding the Angular 1.X wave, which is coming to an end because of poor project decisions, and you won’t be able to properly use a trend to separate Angular 1.x from 2.x.

Finally, trends don’t mean a whole lot… jQuery is still the most popular library by a landslide, and I would not consider using it at all anymore. So ::shrugs::

React is the winner not in popularity (same deal with Webpack. It is far from the most popular), but rather in vision, direction, and technology. And well, ReactConf sold out faster than Google I/O, hehe :)

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