UI toolkits is where React lags behind, although material ui is doing a decent job with React.
Tim Lind

What I’m seeing in the wild, is that there’s kind of a rejection of UI toolkits lead by what I’ll call “Bootstrap Aversion”. Bootstrap was great, but all sites ended up looking the same, and now people don’t want to look like everyone else.

This is coupled with how making widgets in React is significantly easier than in almost any other toolkit. In the early days of React, I was looking for a nice splitter/pane resize widget. I could not find one that suited my needs. I did find an Angular one that did what I wanted. It took something like 15 minutes to port it over to React, and the React version fixed a lot of flickers and bugs just because of React’s rendering system. So I’m seeing even small companies building their whole widget libraries custom, something that used to be the field of large businesses.

That doesn’t help individuals though. I’m having that issue in one of my personal projects. You can still use any pure CSS component libraries. And web custom components also will work fine with React.

But even alone, I’m planning on just making my own. The design is the only hard part, but I wouldn’t want to look like everyone else either.

You’re react, Material UI is doing pretty good. In term of architecture (or if you want an example code to copy when making your own), React Bootstrap is actually a tad better.

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