The Shocking Secret About Static Types
Eric Elliott

While this article will most likely get misinterpreted, and the TypeScript mafia will rip you apart for writing it, I, for one, am glad you saved me the trouble of typing it :) I can just link to it from now on.

Though for nominal vs structural, I think Flow did it better: (interfaces are structural, classes are nominal… You shouldn’t use classes as much as possible, but if you do, they should be nominally typed checked, because it makes for sense for is:a)

I’m not against types in JS, but I wish a better type system had hit critical mass rather than Typescript. Flow at a minimum for call site analysis, but still both are those are pretty weak compared to the Elm/Haskell/ML/Scala/etc type systems and really get in the way of FP (see the kind of convoluted annotations required for a library like Ramda). Not sure how it could have been done better while keeping backward compatibility, but…

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