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You should first ask yourself if you have the experience, time, and dedication to become a full-time trader first. If you already are then fund management is the next step for your career to blossom. If not, you can still test out the platform to get your feet wet but please share in the program description that you are just testing.

Top 7 managers August 2019

You will need some risk capital to deposit into the GenesisVision platform such as BTC,ETH,USDT or the native token GVT(about 200USD equivalent should be enough to get started).

Register as a manager account

When you login, you will see a + icon, on the top right of the platform portal.

Click the “+” icon to open your wallets

Now you will get a pop up box as seen below to select the currency type for the deposit. Go ahead and make a deposit from one of your exchange wallets or personal crypto wallet.

After depositing funds, it is time to go over to the manager’s dashboard.

Click on the Dashboard tab on the top left of the website portal.

Click on Create Program. You will find this button on the bottom right of the dashboard page.

Broker selection

Now you can select your broker. I would only recommend trading crypto through GenesisMarkets because you can open a USDT base account and trade bitcoin(BTCUSDT) on 3 exchanges simultaneously with real liquidity, limit orders, and commission discounts. However, I will discuss the other options as well for you to decide.

Exante: Crypto, Forex, Stocks, Indices, and more. 50x with 50% collateral margin. MarginCall cost $90 and is a manual process carried out by Exante Staff. Commission fees are more than Just2Trade(same ECN spreads). No automated trading. No real interaction with the orderbook(No DMA). Windows, MacOS, Mobile: Android iOS

Just2Trade: Forex ECN spreads $6 r/t commission. No orderbook for limit orders. No crypto pairs. Windows, Web Browser, No native Mobile app.

Huobi: UI + apikeys available , 0.2% commission. Only Huobi Markets. Web Browser

Roboforex: Crypto, Forex, Stocks,. No orderbook for limit orders. High spreads. Greedy swaps. Windows, Web Browser, Mobile: Android iOS

Direct Market Access(DMA) to Binance, Huobi, and LMAX Digital liquidity. 0.135% commission with GVT discount. Windows, Web Browser, Mobile: Android iOS

GenesisMarketsOpen a Demo account today

Give your program a professional name such as AlphaIncome or SuperGrowthFund. Select your base currency. BTC, ETH, USDT Base currencies are available at GenesisMarkets.

Broker’s Leverage is default at 1. Unless you are trading Forex than its up to 100x.

Period is your program length before auto restart. A longer period is best because you can manually close the period at any time.

Stop out Level is the Equity amount you want to risk. 100% means everything is at risk. A setting of 25% will grant you a Medium Risk profile tag within ranking. A setting of 10% will grant you a Low Risk profile tag. Anything above 25% will be considered High Risk.

Set your Entry fee to zero for fast adoption. Otherwise 1–2 is reasonable if you have another profitable program already. Success Fee is your profit share percentage. 10–20% is reasonable while any amount above 20% will turn away investors. By having smaller fees more investors will join in a shorter amount of time.

If you plan to offer signals as well, set the Volume Fee to zero to reduce any more fees to the investor and add a small Success fee comparable to your investment program success fee.

Select the currency that you wish to use for the deposit. It’s recommended to deposit the same currency as the Base currency of the trading account to reduces fees(conversion fees). Otherwise select the currency you have deposited and it will be converted into the base currency of the trading account automatically.

Click create and check your email for the login credentials. GenesisVision will send you all the necessary requirements to login to your Metatrader5 platform(GenesisMarkets), Metatrader4(Just2Trade,RoboForex), Exante, or Huobi UI.

Day One:

Find your program within GenesisVision New button

Click on “New” to open the next page

The most recent programs will be listed on the top.

Please welcome “Forex 50x, Capital One Trading and Life Long Coins” to the platform

The requests will show up on the dashboard page. Each time you want to accept the requests, you will need to restart the program as explained below under Day Two. To view the details of the request, click the icon on the right side of the 28.8012 GVT value.

Day Two:

If you made some profit your first day, congratulations, Now you can restart your program period and check out the financial statistics later. To restart the program click on the dashboard, scroll down to the program name, click on the program name to view the program page. Once on the program page, on the right side you will see a gear icon indicating Program Setting.

Click the gear icon and the program settings page will appear. Click on Close Period

Close Period to distribute profit and generate a Financial Statistics report.

Once you have closed the program period, go back to the dashboard page, scroll down to your program and click on the program name again.

Click on Program Name

After doing so, you will see your program page with statistics. Scroll down to the bottom to see your financial statistics of the last period cycle.

click on Financial Statistics

Now you can keep track of the profit/loss, success fee, entry fee, and deposit/withdrawal. There is also an export button if you desire to see the data in another software program such as Microsoft excel.

Change the broker

Sometimes you may want to trade other financial products that your selected broker does not offer. You no longer need to worry about closing your program and recreating a new track record. GenesisVision now offers the ability to change the broker anytime you want at no added costs to you or the investors. This feature is active for Forex Brokers and Crypto will be supported shortly.

Change the Broker at anytime

Leveling Up

The name of the game is 7up. Level 1 is no KYC managers. Level 2 is the bare minimum in risk capital allocation. Level 3 will require the manager to have about 2000usd or equivalent depending on the length, volume churned, and performance metrics. Level 4 will require about 4000 usd and about twice as much capital is required for each level up such as 8000(5), 16000(6),32000(7). Deposit 35k and you could be at level 7 in 30 days.

30 Days and 35k invested = 7up

The good news is that the leveling system does work in so many ways. It will limit the amount of risk capital that you can accept until you have over 30 days of stellar performance and a large sum of risk capital behind your trading system.

Below are the actual statistics from VirtuBots USD program after 122 days in length to give you an idea of the leveling system.

To reach Level 5, the manager balance must be more than 2.4x of what it is now($4187). In trading performance terms, after the program has grown over 147% ROI, the Manager’s balance should be near the next leveling requirement.


Assets under management are at a steady decline. Top Managers fail and fall off the platform monthly from ArkInvest, Happier, Canuck Capital, Cryptocurrency Man, MataDrox, CryptoExpert, One8tyFive, gert(The Specialist), cryptocue (Riverwood Capital), and me. What all these programs had in common were the High Risk tag.

Now this doesn’t mean that a Low Risk program will help a manager make money, but it does limit your downside exposure(as an investor and manager). You could potentially take a few stopouts and still have enough capital to recover the losses.

When joining Genesis.Vision all managers and investors should start out with Low Risk programs.

Now that you know how to open a program on GenesisVision, go ahead and give it a try. Register as a manager

Best Trading,



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