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Recent Facts:

2nd of May, Manufacturing PMI
Better than Expected

3rd of May, Construction PMI
Better than Expected

4th of May, Services PMI
Better than Expected

11th of May, UK Manufacturing Production + Trade Balance + BoE Interest Rate Decision
Manufacturing Production + Trade Balance Worse than Expected
The Bank of England made no changes to monetary policy but warned that living standards will fall this year as the headwinds from Brexit mount

Eyes on today release: UK CPI (Inflation data)


Recent Facts:

3rd of May, ADP Nonfarm Employment
ADP Nonfarm Employment better than Expected

5th of May, Nonfarm Payrolls + Unemployment Rate
Better than Expected

11th of May, U.S. Producer Price Index (PPI)
Higher than Expected

12th of May, U.S. Retail Sales + Core CPI (Inflation data)
Worse than Expected

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