7 Absolutely Easy Ways to help kids find Purpose in Life

Helping your kids find purpose in life should begin at home and as kids grow older their sense of purpose will be found outside the home. Stopping kids from getting involved with house chores will inadvertently prevent them from learning to become independent and take up responsibilities early.

There is a misconception most parents hold about household chores. Some parents look at chores to connote everything negative and demeaning. I look at it from the positive perspective and believe it helps kids find purpose in life early.

Making sense of life most times can be difficult for kids as they hold a different viewpoint about life. Most kids believe life is all about school, homework, play and watching a cartoon. It is the role of parents to begin early to make the child understand that living a purposeful life transcends beyond what they believe.

Parents should teach their kids that helping with household chores is one way of finding purpose in life. It entails helping out in the house and contributing to the smooth operation of the home. Make them understand that to find purpose in life also means helping others to succeed.

How kids can find purpose in life

I have been a strong advocate of helping kids find purpose in life early. As soon as a kid attains the age of 5, parents should get them involved in household chores to promote a sense of purpose.

When parents allow their kids partake in the household chores, they are helping them:

  • Learn discipline
  • Make meaning out of life
  • Take responsibility.

Some kids will resist being assigned household chores but it is the responsibility of parents to insist they partake in them so they can reap the benefits later. Others welcome household chores and will partake in it on their own volition without their parent assigning it to them. These later set of kids are a treasure at home and should be encouraged at every opportunity.

They should be made agents of change to their siblings that are resistant. One thing parents should understand is this: to help kids find purpose in life through household chores, they should lead by example.

Begin by showing your kids how the intended household chores should be done. Do it yourself in their presence several times then allow them to do it themselves.

When they complete each assigned household task, reward them and encourage them.

House chores your kids can partake in include:

  • Making their bed
  • Drying and putting away dishes
  • Gathering trash
  • Folding clothes and towels
  • Replacing toilet paper roll
  • Looking after their younger siblings
  • Cleaning up the dining table after eating

My wife has a schedule for our kids for household chores. She makes them take turns in partaking in household chores.

This is how we teach them to find purpose in life at home:

1. Making the bed

As our kid’s clock age 5, I and my wife help them find purpose in life by making their bed. We begin by making their bed in their presence while talking to them about cleanliness. Then, we emphasize to them on making sure their bed is taken care of because that is their immediate living area. We remind them that it is their responsibility to make their bed when they wake up and when they intend to go to bed. This way they begin to take responsibility for their immediate living surrounding.

2. Drying and putting away dishes

At the age of 5, kids should learn to dry and put away dishes after the dishes have been washed.
Begin by teaching them where each type of dish should be and how it is been placed/stacked. This is where you should teach them about carefulness and focus as some dishes are breakable. This way they can find purpose in life and have a reason for doing what they do.

3. Gathering Trash

When your kids attain the age of 6, they should be taught to gather trash for disposal. This will help them understand the right process of waste gathering, classification, and disposal. This way you can also teach them not to litter the home but use the trash for the gathering of waste.
They should also be taught to dispose of plastics such as empty bottled water cans in a separate trash since these can be recycled.

4. Fold clothes and towels

Kids should be able to fold their clothes and towels at age 6. It is your responsibility as a parent to teach them how to fold their clothes and towels after they have been washed and dried.

5. Replacing toilet paper rolls

This is one way we teach our kids discipline and help them find purpose in life. Teach them how to remove old tissue paper roll and how to replace it with another. You should inform them to look out for tissue paper roll that is almost running out and inform you early so as to keep another one handy.

6. Looking after their younger siblings

We started teaching our 9-year-old daughter to look after her 1-year-old brother by carrying him when he starts crying and giving him his water when he needs to drink water.

7. Clean-up the dining table after eating

At 5 years, parents should teach their kids how to clean up the dining table after each meal. They also need to understand how to clean up bread crumbs and any dirt they may have left on the table after eating. At this age, they will not do it properly but as they continue doing it and you correct them they get better with age.

These are the simple ways we teach our kids to find purpose in life at home and they are gradually focusing on one another to do better. Sometimes it is competitive as to who did some of the household chores better.

Let me know how it goes with you and your kids at home.

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