So you have this great idea for a startup, your star CTO made you a proof of concept, you used it to get some invest. Now you have some money and you need to hire, your star CTO said that the tech is complicated and we need a team of…

Emerging new technologies are changing the web from its usual 2D in- and outputs to 3D and virtual worlds. Even smartphones have enough power to project new worlds on the go. Instead of forming a new web standard, known technologies are recycled to support this kind of spectacular output. This…

Many many years ago IT experts like Gartner predicted that most of the future mobile applications will be written using cross-platform technologies(mainly web technology) and developers will write one code that works for all.

Today the reality is far different from that prediction, native technologies still dominating the mobile seen…


flexwork just launch our blog about productivity, transparency, technology and work culture.

we just start our journey with a “hey

Originally published at fxw blog.

plug to painless development with flexwork. There are a lot of problems in development process you can imagine > see what we already solved.

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