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FYDcoin cryptocurrency

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Everything you need to know about FYD/FYDcoin

What is FYD?

FYD is a blockchain designed for the online gig economy.
FYDcoin is the cryptocurrency that is rewarded to the stakers. FYDcoin can be used as a P2P method of payment, a store of value and a means to a passive income.

FYDcoin Block Explorer

FYDcoin Backup Explorer:

FYDcoin exchanges


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FYD community

FYDcoin cryptocurrency statistics

FYDcoin Masternode/cryptocurrency statistics

FYDcoin on Masternode Online

FYDcoin on Masternode Pro

FYDcoin on Masternode biz

FYDcoin Masternode hosting Services

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FYDcoin articles

Download FYDcoin v1.2.2 core wallet

FYDcoin Source Code

FYDcoin Wallet releases: (Windows, Linux & Mac)

FYDcoin Windows Wallet Quick Link:

FYDcoin Linux Quick Link:

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