Usability Tests about Microwave

In this week of assignments, we did a usability tests about the microwave.

What Did We Do? First we start with choosing the user type, we chose the university students because we have the easiest access to. Then we set up three tasks — defrost function, cook power and time setting. For the defrost, we chose the item instant mashed potatoes becuase it was kept in freezer and we thought it would be a great tester for defrost. And we used instant noodles for the cook power, we were struggling what we should choose and instant noodles appeared to be a good one because we can see the results clearly — if it is fully cooked, and instant noodles is whole different from the freeze mashed potatoes. For the time setting, we had hard time thinking the standard scales, like should we choose setting time for food cooking or setting the clock. We decided to go with setting the clock because it is something me myself struggling to do.

Reflection, So What?I think what we did was effective on testing the usability of the microwave. Because we tested the major functions one microwave can do, we checked a few more modes of the microwave, and we found that defrost and cook power are what users valued the most these days. For the time setting, we thought it is important and useful.

Reflection, Now What? Then we went to find 3 university students that fits our user types, explain to them what we want them to test on the microwave, also make sure they understand everything about the tests. We watched them performed the tests, and two of us making sure they were doing the right procedures, the other one wrote down the data base we wanted to collect. After we gather the enough data base, we began to compare and contrast the data and write the summary.

Reflection, Now What?If we were to do the tests again, we will definitely choose a different type of people, because we felt like university students themselves know how to use a microwave and the usability tests should be done with people who arent familiar with. After all, a good microwave or any products should be easy and simple to use for all types of people.

*the microwave we chose

  • data base we collected
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