User Research Process Blog

In this week’s assignments we did a user observation-at least more than 30 minutes on a public commute, watching people’s practice and it possible causes and its interaction with the environment.

During the tasks, I first decided which commute I want to start the research, I had the choice of City Links, buses and bike riders. And I finally chose City Links simply because I think it can provide me a larger range of population to observe. And then I went to take the City Link with my sketch book to quickly write down some notes about the people and practices I observe. Whenever i see a new passenger, i first write down the general category he is in, like if he is a students or people who work in the offices. Then I observe what he would do, like playing cell phones, listening to music or just sitting there thinking.

When I was doing the project, one of the biggest problem was that just simply writing down what jobs the passenger might be doing and what did he do on the City Links is far from enough, I has to watch him more closely, like what kind of clothes he is wearing, what was he doing with his cell phones or is there any obvious reason behind his practices? To answer all this problems is hard therefore i needed to watch every movement he did and expression on his face to get a general guesses.

What I am going to do next is get to know each of these people and their practices better, like the user interview to know better their needs. If I were to do this again I will definitely observe them longer time, and ideal I can observe a specific people of one kind from he stepped on the commute until he takes off. This way I will get to understand the user and the reasons behind their practices better

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