The First Step Is The Hardest.

Well well, let’s have a look at where we are. 1.50am, perched at the extreme end of a bench, writing my first ever blog post. I know Medium isn’t really a space to rant how my day went and yada yada yada but Medium was also the platform which inspired me to do something I love and have been putting off for a very long time, to write.

Yes, how can I claim I love writing but it off anyway as if it wasn’t a passion of mine. I guess people go through this. The phase of making excuses and not really putting in effort to go for what you want.

I read an amazing article which hit me in all the right places. As I ache over the validity of how each point in the article proves how much of an ‘all-talk, no action’ person I am, well…Here I am.

It’s thrilling, this newly found purpose, this adrenaline rush I feel as I type away. I’m learning and I can’t wait to learn even more. I know my writing may be borderline mediocre and whatnot and I am not beating myself hard on this. Merely being objective. I know that I’m a newbie at writing and I’m keen to be better at this. Definitely looking forward to this journey ahead.

There you go. The first step’s the hardest. This post almost did not make it here. But hey, I did it. You can do it too.

PS: I tried designing posters today and woah, designing is a whole other journey altogether.

To New Beginnings.