The Drug That’s Infecting Indiana
Leigh Cowart

The drug war caused this. By pushing those people underground and forcing their choices to be made in the dark, their information to be passed in secret, the government is directly complicit in causing the outbreak and each individual case. Instead of protecting its citizens, the government is setting them up for horrific consequences.

Personal, consensual choices should not be actively interfered with in any way by government. The government’s legitimate role, where citizens may make choices the legislature opines are not in the individual’s best interests, is to provide educational materials and opportunity so that the legislature’s opinions, hopefully backed by actual science, can be made known to the citizens.

The drug war is one of the purest forms of tyranny. I am ashamed of my government for its active wars on liberty and freedom, of which the drug war is one of the most blatantly obvious. I am appalled that these citizens are suffering in this manner. You should be too. Just don’t make the mistake of assigning all blame to the victims.

When a consequence proceeds from a series of actions, the first actions to prune from the causal chain are those that are completely in error. Government abuses of personal liberty are squarely in that category.

The drug war is evil. EVIL. Tell your friends. Tell your representatives.

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