How I responded to a change that was uncomfortable since joining Andela


The very first week I joined Andela, I was selected to be part of a software development team which was named Kakashi by our Facilitator (who by the way is a Naruto Fan). The team was made up of five developers, two females (including myself ), three males and a Technical Team Lead (TTL). After getting to know each other and discovering similar areas of interest, we were like birds of a feather flocking together. We always worked together, there was always an idea to be shared or a joke to make everyone laugh. There were two other teams aside ours with similar composition but different names but we had one project to work on. This entailed improving a currently existing software application by making it more appealing and effective.

What will a product be without demos? The time came for us to showcase what we had done for the first sprint, and for some reason none of my team mates were willing to take the role of organizing demo sessions with the product owner and other stakeholders. I was not going to seat back and watch Kakashi under perform, so I stepped up to the plate. Before one could say ‘pickle pepper’, we had scheduled the demo session and sent invites to all stakeholders. In the end, we had an awesome demo and our product owner was impressed with our thoughts and ideas.

As a team we bonded so quickly and easily, aced all demo sessions and gave the other teams a run for their money with the final product demo. Kakashi was well on its way to stardom when we suddenly got wind of how our second project would be. First, all teams were to be reshuffled. Second, the latter project would be ten times tougher than the former. No one saw this coming, none of us expected this, it was definitely an unwelcome change.

All team members sadly awaited the new teams list, the longer we waited, the more anxious we became. At last the list was out and we discovered one of us would be joining another team and he was going to be replaced by someone from the other team.

Though this change was inconvenient, the work had to be done. I swiftly realized we needed to bond quickly to get us to a great start, so I sent the new team member a welcome message and informed our TTL to add him to the teams chat channel. All team members combined forces to ensure the new guy was properly on-boarded, by answering all the questions he had about the team and also giving him all the relevant information he needed to know. We even had our meals together just to strengthen our bond.

How did all this turn out in the end? Pretty well! Although project-two was a difficult one, with our forces combined we still managed to finish first and strong. I learnt so much about team dynamics and communication from this experience and it is one I will keep telling decades to come.

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