My Experience in Boot-camp So Far…

Life long learning…

It’s that last day of first week of Boot camp and the journey has been a wonderful one. All exercises given where challenging and interesting. In the course of this week I learnt a about vital soft skills, programming in JavaScript, version control using Git and Test Driven Development (TDD).

In some areas in life, I had a fixed mindset, always reluctant to get feedback but Boot camp has taught me to be open to criticisms and seek constructive feedback having in mind that I will learn and grow to be better in that area. I have learnt that my efforts are a path to mastery and making an effort is better than not trying at all. Also, that when I have a question to ask, it should be Actionable, Specific and Kind. When feedback is given to me, I now know to focus on the value of the feedback, acknowledge the person giving it, reflect on the feedback and take action towards incorporating it.

Git Version Control

I learnt about node.js and how to use GIT for version control and collaboration. I also learnt that writing good tests cases, make my production quality better and reduces bugs. Test Driven frameworks like Mocha Chai and Jasmine were foreign to me at first, but after this week, I will be using them to ensure that my software production is good.

Mocha Chai Testing Framework

It was a pleasure going through this week of Boot camp and I look forward to the next week.