First Flight Out

In 24 hours time, I’ll be in the land of smiles!

Of course, this trip was met with A LOT of negative responses from both my family and friends.

Kau kan nak kahwin….”

Kau tak tau save duit ke?”

Kaki kau tak kena ikat?”

“I want to travel but, kaki kena ikat…so,”

“You’re earning a lot, is it?”

To answer to all these speculations/questions,

– Yes, I am getting married but that’s not supposed to stop me from travelling to my heart desires. I am a wanderluster and I’m always itching to get out of here.

– I do know how to save and I have been saving up. I have also just completed my 52 week money challenge (a quick post about this tonight!). Hence, that money will fund my trip

– In fact, memang kena ikat. But I pleaded to my mum (and dad) to let me go just this once (and maybe 2 more trips this year) because I REALLY need to travel if I can. My industry is crazy and the only way to keep me sane is to keep my feet off the ground😉

– Just so you know, my fiancé allows me to travel just as long as I have a companion or two. My parents, although reluctantly, gave their blessings as well.

– I am content with what has been given to me. If you want to compare my paycheck with the civil servants, I don’t earn that much. Heck, I was not even receiving bonus/medical leaves from 2013–2014. But alhamdullilah, I had a payraise in 2015 and I’m so thankful for the rezeki given to me.

So…why do I travel? To get away. To free my mind. Yes, you can also travel once you are married — even better with your husband. I understand

Whilst the GTB and I are both avid traveller, we are also looking forward to travel the world together. But individually, we still have goals we want to achieve separately.

Originally published at on January 4, 2016.