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Fyre Festival is journey and destination, a place where music, culture, and food combine, igniting our curiosities and our passions over two weekends on one of the most sought after and secluded islands in the world.

Months of hard work have resulted in a one-of-a-kind festival designed with every detail in mind. Now, writing this from Great Exuma, the main site of the festival, as it’s literally being built from the ground-up, we’re excited to share specific details of what to look forward to.

Take a read below and if you have any questions, definitely reach out to us at concierge@fyreapp.com or call our team at 401–753-FYRE (3973).


Fyre Festival is so much more than just the days you spend with us on-island. We’re working with the Bahamian government and our charter operator, Swift Air, to create an efficient check-in experience that captures the spirit of the festival from the moment you join us.

When do I check in to Fyre Festival?

Before your flight from Miami to Fyre Festival, out of Miami International Airport, we’ll have a Fyre Festival concierge at the gate to help you with all of your sign-in needs. Please be sure to leave a little extra time (at least three hours) to arrive early to the airport to make sure you can get your wristband without feeling a time crunch. The Bahamas is an international destination, and these are the operator’s recommendations.

When will I receive my Fyre Festival wristband?

All guests will receive their Fyre Band wristband at the Fyre Festival concierge at the departure gate before their flight from Miami International Airport to Exuma International Airport. Your Fyre Band is your digital identity at Fyre Festival, so don’t board the plane without yours!

How will I know where to find my lodging?

If you arranged lodging through Fyre Festival, head to the Fyre Festival concierge at the departure gate and you’ll receive your Fyre Band as well as a color-coded luggage tag and tent number to help you easily find your lodging.

How will I get to my lodging once I land at Exuma International Airport?

On the short plane ride from Miami to Exuma, we’ll have in-flight concierges to help with your custom cards and immigration. On landing, proceed through expedited customs and we’ll have Fyre Festival branded buses to escort you and your luggage to your lodging at the main campgrounds at Rokers Point.


Life at the festival is all about partying at the main stage and relaxing on the beach during the day. We also know that where you lay your head at night is super important. The more you rest, the more you can enjoy the activities that are waiting for you at Fyre Festival.

What are the housing options at Fyre Festival?

There are a variety of accommodations available at Fyre Festival. The most common lodging will be our tents with additional options to upgrade to villas or hire yachts for the weekend.

What are the tents like?

Our tented structures are geodesic domes built out of incredibly sturdy, yet lightweight material. All tents are furnished with real beds (think mattresses and bed frames), fresh linens, pillows, and simple considerations that match our island life. Panels of the tents can be opened like windows to allow in ocean breezes or closed if things get chilly. Fyre Festival is about unplugging, which means our tents are lit with solar-powered bulbs and do not have running electricity. The tents are meant to be unfussy retreats to rest with much of the festival life taking place at our venues. As such, the tents provide the bare necessities to our guests while offering simple comforts. Note, the pictures in this post show our domes just after instillation, we’re excited to share interior photos which show their eco-contemporary aesthetic.

What if I need to charge a phone?

Every guest will have complimentary access to portable power chargers at their local Concierge Desk. We’ll have a large supply of tools to help you stay as connected as you want to be.

What’s the Concierge Desk?

Every lodging village has a unique Concierge Desk, staffed all day and all night by our best Fyre Festival staffers and security. The Concierge Desk is the heart of each village, providing advice, support, and help however and whenever you need it. Stop by with questions, requests, or just to say hi.

Do the tents have locks on them?

Our tented structures (i.e. Like the Retreat, The Duo, The Nest, and the Lodge) do not have locks on them, but all our tents are located in distinct neighborhoods serviced by 24-hour security details at our local Concierge Desks. With this in mind, we recommend only bringing your absolutely necessary valuables. We recommend leaving your computer at home. We take your safety very, very seriously and we’re making sure festival staff are always available and on call to help you.

What should I do with my valuables?

Every guest will have complimentary access to secure lockers at their local Concierge Desk to lock away any valuables. Fyre Festival is an island event, so we recommend packing for island life and only bringing absolutely necessary valuables. This would be a good time to leave the computer at home.

What if I need something not already in the tent?

Every tent neighborhood will be serviced by a 24-hour Concierge Desk to assist with any question or request you have. Just walk over and ask and we’ll do everything we can to help. We’ve also opened a Fyre Festival Convenience Store stocked with all kinds of essentials to help you stay cool and stay safe at the festival.

What are the villas like?

The villas are private residences located right around Rokers Point. Think of them as private residences similar to an island AirBnB. We’ll provide complimentary transportation to and from the Villas.

What are the yachts like?

The yachts vary in class and size, but all of them provide comfy sleeping accommodations for larger groups, as well as a full crew, private catering, and fuel considerations. Our larger yachts also have sundecks and other island amenities to help you unwind.

What is included in housing accommodations?

All housing comes with a comfortable bed for each guest, pillows, soft linens, and various furnishings. Communal restrooms and charging stations will be available in all of our tented neighborhoods.

Are there public bathrooms?

Yes, shared communal bathrooms with showers will be accessible throughout the island. Please note, there will be no private bathrooms.

Will there be laundry facilities?

No, there will be no laundry facilities available on the island. That means you should consider bringing extra towels, simple necessities, and enough clothing to last your duration of your stay. Please pack accordingly.

What do I need to bring with me to the island?

Less than you think. Fyre Festival is a place to unwind, unplug, and be present. Pack only what you’d need for a tropical island getaway. Sunscreen and (non-aerosol) bug repellent are highly recommended.


Our largest consideration is how to get you to the festival and set you up in your new island home. But that’s just the beginning. We’re designing an entire experience with you in mind, from how you get around the festival, to diverse musical performances, all the way down to how you pay and seamlessly keep track of your schedule.

What is Coco Plum Beach?

Coco Plum Beach is the day-time, beachside destination at Fyre Festival. Seven miles of white sand beaches will be filled with patrons lounging at the cabana, enjoying a light snack, or listening to deep house/electronic sets in the sun. Lounges and Cabanas are available daily for an additional fee, and additional food and drink options will be available for an additional charge.

What are the hours at Coco Plum?

Coco Plum will be open from 10am–7:30pm during the Festival. Complimentary jitneys will transport guests from Rokers Point to Coco Plum all day long. Please note, the last call for rentals and service on Coco Plum will be 5pm as festival goers prepare for festivities at our Rokers Point main stage.

How do I get to Coco Plum?

Complimentary jitneys and buses will transport guests from Rokers Point to Coco Plum all day long during the festival. Hop on and hop off as you see fit (please note, Coco Plum will be open from 10am–7:30pm during the festival).

How will I pay for things on the island?

Fyre Festival is a cashless festival designed to be experienced with your digitally-enabled Fyre Band, a wristband that acts as your festival ID and password-protected payment method. ATMs will not be available on at either event site, so plan ahead if you think you’ll want cash on hand in case of emergency.

When will the lineup be announced for both weekends?

Right this very minute. We’ve announced the headliners for both weekends (see below for those names) but additional acts and special guests are being added every day. Surprises await you at Rokers Point.

We are excited to announce that Pusha-T, Desiigner, Tyga (and friends), Rae Sremmurd, Migos, Lil Yachty, Matoma, Kaytranada, Daya, Klingande, and Skepta will be joining Blink 182, Major Lazer, and Disclosure (DJ Set) as headlining artists for Fyre Festival 2017. Check out the full-lineup here and look out for surprise performances.

Is everything walking distance?

We’ve made sure transportation will be available to and from all parts of the festival. Almost all of venues are in walking distance, with additional travel made possible by complementary jitneys.


Every guest at Fyre Festival will have access to an elevated experience on Rokers Point. We’re also providing ways to upgrade every part of the experience outside of your accommodations including unique access, special tables, premium bottle service, and more hidden perks to be discovered on-island. The way you stay is different from the way you play.

What is included in a VIP ticket?

The VIP ticket will provide you with an elevated experience. You will have access to VIP events, special viewing areas, and curated culinary experiences by a special chef on the island.

Is there bottle service available?

There will be VIP sections with bottle service available for purchase all weekend long. You can find them here. Additional packages and offers will be available closer to the festival date on Tablelist.


We’re cutting any sort of stress from your experience, from the festival grounds to your journey in to see us. We’ve set up travel and transportation consideration on every leg of your stay, from the flight in to your day-to-day excursions at the festival.

How do I get to Miami?

However you want! This is your responsibility. There are several airports that service the larger Miami area, but please remember flights to Fyre Festival will leave from Miami International Airport.

Where do the flights leave from in Miami?

Flights will be departing and arriving at local Miami airports. The exact airport of your flight will be confirmed with your reservation a few weeks prior to departure.

What is the flight schedule to and from Great Exuma?

Flights will be leaving from Miami to Great Exuma from sunrise to sunset Thursday and Friday. Flights will be leaving from Great Exuma to Miami from sunrise to sunset Sunday and Monday. You will take a private chartered flight from Great Exuma to Miami, and back.

How and when do I schedule my flight to and from Miami?

A few weeks after your ticket is purchased you will receive an email to coordinate flights for all individuals in your group. All flights are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How do I change my flight reservation or request a flight with a friend?

Flight reservations may be changed, space permitting. To coordinate any changes, please reach out to concierge@fyreapp.com or give us a call at 401–753-FYRE (3973).

What do I need to board the plane?

You will need a passport with an expiration date at least 6 months after the date of your departure, and a valid ticket for the correct weekend.

What if I miss my flight?

We’re here to help. Our concierge will make every effort to schedule you on the next flight, but an additional charge may apply. If you miss the last available flight, we will do everything we can to assist you but please understand, due to the remote nature of Great Exuma, this may not be possible. Please allow yourself ample time to arrive for your flights.

What type of private aircraft will be used as transport to Great Exuma?

Fyre has commissioned complimentary Boeing 737s to charter our guests to and from the festival. Other aircraft will be available at the festival, please email concierge@fyreapp.com for more information.


Food and beverage are a big part of your festival experience. We’re creating a culinary program to keep you fed and fueled throughout your stay. We’re also designing special food concepts and pop ups to help you upgrade your meal options and celebrate with chilled bottles of whatever you and your guests desire.

What kind of food is included with my purchase

Fyre Festival’s culinary options are included in the price of your ticket. There will be additional options for purchased food at venues and exclusive culinary experiences available at certain VIP levels. Upgrade your stay here. Fyre is tirelessly working with a variety of local and international chefs to create a one-of-a-kind culinary experience for all our guests.

How is Fyre Festival accommodating dietary restrictions?

We will make our best efforts to accommodate any and all food restrictions. Keep an eye out for an email prior to the event to confirm any restrictions. Questions? Concierge@fyreapp.com or give us a call at 401–753-FYRE (3973).

Is alcohol included? What kind will be available?

Alcohol is not included in the standard festival ticket, but will be available for purchase throughout the island. Anything you would find at your favorite bar, you will find at Fyre Festival with added local specialities. Keep an eye out for drink menus to be released prior to the festival. Certain VIP tickets include open bar. Upgrade your stay here and please party responsibly.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

No. We have a zero-tolerance policy and reserve the right to confiscate any alcohol brought onto the festival grounds. Fortunately, alcohol in all shapes and forms can be purchased on the island. Please party responsibly.


We’re all about unwinding, resting, and unplugging. While we encourage all our guests to be present throughout the festival, we’re making sure there are ways for you to connect with us, your group, or your social world.

Will my phone work?

Your phone will likely work, but please check with your carrier for international charges before departing.

Will there be WiFi on the island?

Yes. We have arranged for WiFi to run throughout the entirety of the festival. Due to the remote location, WiFi service cannot be guaranteed outside of the main venues.


At the same time that we’re planning a passionate festival experience, we’re also making sure that your time here is safe and secure. Fyre Festival is a place to unleash and unwind but that can’t happen without the utmost commitment to your safety and well-being.

Will there be medical staff on the island?

Yes, your healthy and safety are paramount. There will be a be medical tent on the island with a team of professional medical providers. In the event of an emergency, guests will be transported to local area hospitals in Nassau or Miami.

Is the water safe to drink?

Filtered water is safe to drink. We will have water bottle filling stations throughout the island and bottled water available for purchase.

Is there security on the island?

Fyre Festival is working with local law enforcement, private contractors, and the Royal Bahamian Defense Force to provide a secure festival experience. Security will be on site for the duration of the festival. Remember, each guest plays a key role in promoting a safe environment for the festival community. Guests are expected to abide by local laws and be respectful of the enjoyment and safety of all others. We reserve the right to remove any guest at any time if we feel they are a danger to themselves or others. If you are sent home, you are responsible for your own return ticket and will not be refunded for your purchase.

Will I be searched upon entering?

Yes, guests will be searched with the same level of scrutiny they can expect flying on any US flight. Both the festival and the Bahamian government have a zero tolerance policy on prohibited items. That means you should plan to pack intelligently and provide official doctor letters for any prescriptions or drugs you’ll need on the island.

Do the tents lock?

If you are staying in any one of our tents (The Retreat, The Duo, The Den, or The Nest), they will not have a lock. Each village will have a security and concierge team who is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of all tents. Additionally, we will have lockers available for storage of items. We suggest not bringing valuables. Fyre is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

We’re just getting started with updates — we’ll have more on the festival’s fitness and wellness activities, our exciting culinary program, installations and cultural experiences, and of course hint at some of the surprises still for you and all of our festival guests to discover starting April 28…

For now, be well and ignite your curiosity.

Signing off from Rokers Point,

— The Fyre Festival Team

Have a question? Contact us at concierge@fyrefestival.com or call our team at 401–753-FYRE (3973). We’ll do everything we can to help.

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