A tale of USC — Major, Ali Aintrazi, SCG Syracuse, and myself.
Amanda Stevens

I have a few issues with your post. Paragraphs 5 and 6 seem to allude to allowing such behavior had he been treating you as a cisgender woman. They imply that somehow the offense would be lessened by him asking generally to include the “other two women” at the table. They imply that while you recognize that you aren’t of the appearance of a ‘ normative cisgender female’ you also imply it was more the offense of being the butt of a joke that wasn’t inclusive of you than the offense itself. You go on to explain how you were “floored” not at the ‘disgraceful’ comments made toward you, but how the organizers did not agree that your proposed solution to their event was adequate. The event was private, by imposing your will on the owners you are in fact oppressing a private organisation from functioning within its rights. Had you “truly” been offended by the alleged sexual harassment, I think that the authorities would be a more appropriate medium for your grievance. Instead you pulled a Snowden. Instead you took to the internet where your support would overwhelm any counter argument, where justice is forbidden as impartiality is governed by the “trending” and not “reason”. Had reason prevailed, I think that this would have appropriately blown over as a “dumb nerd making a (bad*) joke about another dumb nerd”. Instead you pushed the organizers until you had your personal brand of justice blessed. You pursued the issue with what should have been another “random encounter” and made an internet firestorm that ousted and denounced what was once a leader in an online community. And in your big “tell all” you show your lack of empathy towards “normative cisgender female” by some how justifying your rage due to their lack of victimization, as if the comments would have been welcome if they were merely sexist instead of trans-phobic. That lack of empathy, and your approach and responses to the consequences of all actions, is where I have an issue with this whole “Magic and Transgender spotlight”. I feel you are doing nothing but damage to both causes. I feel you care less about the Magic community, the Transgender community, and society in general then you seem to care about your own popularity, and to that, I hope you are satisfied with your personal “justice”. You have successfully become infamous.

*I personally have never seen or met you, but just from my experience in TCGs and personal experiences with a plethora of transgender friends/family, especially as a furry, I already have 30 better jokes than his sorry excuse for a ‘slight’.

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