Tomorrow, tomorrow

It’s Monday October 31st, 2016. After a weekend of Halloween events, it’s strange to think that today, this quiet and unassuming Monday, is actually the actual day of Halloween. Most people seem to have assumed the weekend was Halloween, and today is just a technicality. Still, to celebrate, I’m going to a pub quiz. After heading out on Friday and Saturday, I’m not sure I could face another big party. At least not tonight. For tonight, as long as the established progression of time continues to be upheld, precedes tomorrow.

Once of my colleagues gleefully asked me earlier if I’m looking forward to tomorrow. November, they said. November the first.

I looked at them blankly, until they began to doubt themselves. Er… nanowrimo? They added. Oh yeah.

It’s not like I had completely forgotten, but yes, tomorrow is the first day of the 2016 National November Writing Month, and it’s time to commence that exciting challenge once more: deliver a 50,000 word story, in one month. Or a 50,000 first draft, at any rate.

I’ve been plotting and planning, and I do have a story I want to write. No notes have been laid down just yet, but there are segments and pieces forming in my mind.

And tomorrow I get to start putting them down — I’d say pen to paper, but that’s not right. Fingers to keyboard is probably more appropriate.

My first novel was put together at the same time last year, and is self published on Amazon. It drew on lots of small story ideas I’d had over the years and was exciting to write. I’ve been a touch nervous about nanowrimo this time around as I now have a standard to compare with — can I write something as good as The Devil’s Playbook? Again?

I hope so, but I refuse to let myself become intimidated by it. As I get ready to start writing again tomorrow, I recall how much of The Devil’s Playbook I made up on the fly, or amended in the editing stages. I only had the nugget of an idea to start with, whereas now I have a back story I can lean on — the novel I am starting tomorrow will be a follow up to the prior story, so now has a more developed mythology to work with.

If anything, it may even be easier as I have already struggled with some of the trickier questions in order to write the first novel. But who knows. All I can really say is that I’m looking forward to November, and the fun of writing. Even if it isn’t as good, it will still be as much fun, as I enjoy writing stories.

So what will the new novel be about? Well, I don’t want to ruin it for you, but I can say this:

It is a story about love. But it is not a love story.