Jamie J.

When I first started off at college I was an immature learner. I was completely overwhelmed with the workload. And on top of that I made so many new friends at college, and it was so difficult to say no to them ever. All of these things together made me think that it was impossible to actually sit down and study or do my homework. When I started the First Year Seminar I learned about many new techniques and ways to study that made me reevaluate the way I was studying before. I learned about how to prioritize my time and make sure that I have everything in check. When I started to put things into perspective I realized that if I took the time I could get everything done I needed to get done. Prioritizing my time was the first step into getting better grades and becoming a better student overall. After I figured out what mattered the most to me and how to prioritize correctly I learned to study efficiently and make the most out of my time. There were many different ways to study and many different study strategies. I learned what worked best for me and I used that strategy for every subject that I studied.

The next step was to get rid of all distractions that were preventing me from learning and retaining the information. I learned how to discipline myself — from using my phone and not using my computer for Netflix or YouTube at the same time. Finding a place to study is also important. It puts you in the right mind set. Starbucks helped me get through so much! One of the strategies that helped me the most was writing down the questions I had during a lecture of class period. If I could figure out that information then I didn’t have to worry about it much, but if I didn’t find out the answer to that information then that would be something I had to work on. All of these steps together helped me to get better grades and do well in my studies. I believe that I have improved so much from the beginning of the semester to now. I have gained much more confidence in my work as well.

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