Warren and Second

I didn’t know what to expect coming into my first year of college. If it was like high school, it would be packed with homework. I soon found out there was a lot more homework to be done for college. There is homework to be done every day of the week for each of my classes. Unlike high school, my schedule was different. It was all over the place; my classes started at 11:30 am on Mondays and 8:30 am on Wednesdays. I have to wake up at 6:50 am just to arrive on campus for my classes, no matter what time they start. I had a hard time getting adjusted to my schedule, and with all honesty, I still haven’t, but I did grow accustomed to being dropped off and picked up at the same stop located in Warren and Second. There were many challenges that I’ve faced this new semester, but I managed to receive passing grades in my classes.

Because this semester has been the most challenging to me, I required lot of skills that helped me survive. Transitioning from high school to college, I learned a great deal of time management. To fit required sleeping and finishing homework on time together has been a great challenge for me that I can say I’ve mostly overcame. I learned to manage my time for homework, studying, and working 3 days of the week. Although I mostly do the homework a day or two before classes, I’ve turned in most of my homework on time. My bed time is usually 1, since I take naps during the day. I also learned what kind of learner I am through trial and error with studying techniques. Flash cards were more tedious than helpful with the limited time I had to study. Using different colored pens or highlighting just slowed me down when I tried to take notes in class. What helped me the most was repeating my notes through memory as I read them outload to myself. I would summarize them and learn the material that way.

Through the challenges and adjustments, I learned how much I can take and how to manage my responsibilities. I will take all the skills I have acquired and better them as I pass through my college years.