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Originally published by: Find your digital self | FySelf Blog

The Zero Waste movement is one of the great trends of this 2020. Not even the impact of the coronavirus pandemic has managed to stop the advance of this lifestyle, which advocates reducing waste to a minimum.

Annually, according to the United Nations Environment Program, more than 11 billion tons of waste are generated in the world. Hence the relevance of promoting such projects and initiatives.

In several of our articles, we have discussed some approaches to this movement, which is committed to achieving a less consumerist world. With the…

Originally published by: Find your digital self | FySelf Blog

At FySelf we want to empower our users. For this reason, we have structured the platform in such a way that you are the sole owner of your personal information. That is indeed the great difference between us and the social networks to which you are used to.

As a matter of fact, in a previous post we discussed some general elements about the platform. In this article we go into some details about what you can find new in the structure of the first social identity network.

FySelf Profiles, packs and forms

The organization…

Originally published by: Find your digital self | FySelf Blog

Very soon, we will be closing 2020. A year marked by the coronavirus pandemic and its terrible impact, but also where technology has been vital to continue being active from our homes. Without a doubt, this year has made it very clear that digital technology is there to make our lives easier. If you have any doubts about it, discover the top 10 most read texts in blog FySelf 2020.

1. Most used social networks

Social media has been more than useful in this year when the coronavirus pandemic made us confine ourselves at home…

Originally published by: Find your digital self | FySelf Blog

FySelf offers a secure, reliable and protected identity. Learn about some of the characteristics that define us. Discover the platform and its advantages in a brief overview of what we are and how we see ourselves in the future.

Social Identity Network

We are the first social identity network in the world. Now, what is a social identity network?

In part, it combines some features of traditional social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. However, we define our platform as a social identity network, as it allows collaboration between users in order…

Originally published by: Find your digital self | FySelf Blog

The year 2020 has been especially hard for life in general, and the technology sector was no exception. Despite this, the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), published last June, indicates Spain among the countries with the most progress in the last five years.

This indicates that the Spanish nation is clear that the digital path is key to sustainable social development.

This coronavirus crisis has shown how crucial it is for citizens and businesses to be connected and to be able to interact with each other online. We will…

Originally published by: Find your digital self | FySelf Blog

The European Center for Industrial, Technological and Research Competence in Cybersecurity already has its headquarters. The Committee of Permanent Representatives of the European Union (EU) selected the city of Bucharest, in Romania.

Romania is the perfect location for the seat of the Center, as the country has high performance in terms of connectivity, cybersecurity, digital development, an impressive number of talented, creative, visionary and innovative IT & Telecom professionals and exemplary gender balance.

Lucian Nicolae Bode, Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure and Communications of Romania, Bucharest 5A + Choice for Cyber

When did the selection process begin?

Originally published by: Find your digital self | FySelf Blog

The road towards the digital is now very clear, especially in a world marked by the pandemic. Spain is clear about it. For this reason, the Government of Pedro Sánchez will allocate 140,000 million in public-private investment to digitize the country during the next five years.

The leadership of the 21st century is played in the digital space. Spain wants to be at the forefront of digitization in Europe. We have capacities for it, but we have to believe in ourselves.

Pedro Sánchez, during the presentation of the Digital Spain…

Originally published by: Find your digital self | FySelf Blog

Computing today represents 0.5% of energy consumption globally. This figure will grow by more than 2% in the coming years, representing a significant increase in global CO2 emissions. Therefore, it is vitally important to track carbon emissions that go into the atmosphere.

As a solution, CodeCarbon, an open source software package, has came to light. This makes it possible to track and reduce carbon dioxide emissions that computer technology generates.

What is CodeCarbon?

CodeCarbon is a Mila software, which is a Montreal-based world leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. They worked on the…

Originally published by: Find your digital self | FySelf Blog

Do you know that you can collaborate in the investigation on coronavirus? You don’t even need to be awake for this. Yes, you read right, from the comfort of your home and only with your cell phone connected to the Internet. This basically means you can be part of an investigation, the results of which can change the course of science.

With the DreamLab app and its Corona-AI project, you can donate the performance of your mobile device to search for possible drugs that help to fight coronavirus, as well…

Originally published by: Find your digital self | FySelf Blog

The first social identity network allows optimal management of personal data, in order to help you build a digital identity. To do this, it presents a series of structures to group and organize the information: profiles, packs and the institutional registry.

Each of these three elements fulfills a specific function within FySelf. Accompanied by Surveys, they are the main forms of information presentation that will help you grow your reputation and, therefore, grow within the platform to benefit from the value of your personal data.

Profiles, the basis of our online identity

In other recent posts we…


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