How to choose Premium VPN Service?

F. Y Y .E
F. Y Y .E
Jul 11, 2017 · 4 min read

Because I see one main problems with many VPN review sites. Too many options! Sure, choice is great, but there are literally HUNDREDS of VPN services out there. There is also a huge range of features, making it almost impossible to compare the Top VPN service providers with each other.

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So what makes them “Premium” VPN services?

  • Better, Faster Customer Support
  • Faster Connections
  • More Server Locations
  • More Unique Features
  • More Devices Supported
  • Better Privacy
  • Top Quality Standards

1. Better, Faster Customer Support

Sometimes the customer support staff can barely speak English. Why should I struggle to understand what the help team is telling me? I need HELP!

And sometimes they’re just rude! How angry would you be if you were not sure what the problem was and someone told you it was YOUR fault and they CAN’T help you?

When you run into a tech problem you can’t solve, you’ll be much happier knowing you can rely on good tech support to solve it quickly and efficiently, rather than you having to sort through hours of blogs and wikis trying to figure it out.

2. Faster Connections

I travel a lot, and use a VPN most of the time, so the VPN services I’ve featured on Premium VPN Service have been tested in a variety of countries, including China, Enemy #1 of the Internet! My theory is that if a service can survive in China and do battle with The Great Firewall, it’ll do great anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, there are tons of variables here, ie 180+ countries in the world and I can’t test them all. But, all networks featured on the site come with a money back guarantee.

3. More Server Locations

4. More Unique Features

5. More Devices Supported

6. Better Privacy

Privacy is one of the defining factors when it comes to the difference between an average VPN service and a premium VPN service.

7. Top Quality Standards

When a service gives you MORE than what you pay for, that’s truly a Premium VPN Service you should choose.

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