On dating men with “potential”

Thank you Christiana for this story which surely reflects more than one woman’s experience only…in fact i stand second in line behind you because i have been through it all so i had the feeling of reading my own tormented journey through love stories….in fact i think Jay has the answer when he says: “did they really have that potential or was it you that chose to see the best in those people and magnify it?”…love is the double-edged sword that puts blinders not only on our eyes but on our hearts and brains as well, wraps up all our reasoning capacities in a limbo of such delight and happiness that we think the whole world is a bed of roses…that’s how we nurture the invincible tendency to see the best in “HIM” and no ice shower will open up our eyes until……we are forced to face the truth that love is a world of illusions where people like you and me act as the unconscious magician..we blind ourselves to our own reality..

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