Pima Student Comes All the Way from Thailand

The flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Tucson, Arizona consists of roughly 8,500 miles and extreme jet lag after an average day long flight. One young lady has made that trip across the North Pacific in order to attend Pima.

Rassarin “noki” Thienthanasit, cq Rassarin “noki” Thienthanasit is 23 years old and is halfway through her first semester at Pima. Thienthanasit has lived in Tucson for 3 months after living in in Bangkok for 23 years. She is accompanied by her Mother, father and older sister.

Thienthanasit comes to Tucson with great knowledge as she pursues a master’s degree in entrepreneurship. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology whole attending college in Thailand.

When asked about the education system in Thailand, “It’s different and very expensive.”

Thienthanasit plans to improve her English before transferring to a higher university. She plans on attending a university such as Maryland University among other east coast universities.

“I want to get out of hot weather,” she said.

Thienthanasit’s father is an entrepreneur and isn’t much of hot weather either, as he runs a cooling system and works on air conditioning. Although Noki has her own plans of running her own business.

“I want something different from my dad” said Thienthanasit

Noki has done quite a bit of traveling having traveled and lived in the Czech Republic for 3 months. This was done for three months where she mostly work in lab. This was one of the final steps in her obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Bio Technology.

In the meantime Noki is still adjusting to life in Tucson but has said, “I love the People here, they are very nice to me.”

I asked her about her evolving taste for American food and she told me her favorite food is the, “Peanut butter sandwich because it is quick and easy.”

Noki is a big believer when it comes to social media she said she loves Facebook and Twitter.

“I use them every day it helps me to keep me in touch with my relatives in Thailand.”

Noki also has many talents and hobbies other than Bio Technology. She happens to be a talented musician. Noki thoroughly enjoys Jazz Music and playing the Piano. Having played the piano since she was the age of 12 she has become very good.

“I don’t like to watch television, I like to play the Piano,” said Thienthanasit

Noki happens to be the only student in her class of Thai descent which is somewhat of a challenge for her although she enjoys her class.

“Everyone at Pima is friendly to me” said Thienthanasit

Noki plans on studying the English language for at least a year before taking her talents to the east coast and escaping the Arizona heat.