There’s No Secret. Get Over It.

All your life, you were searching for something. Searching for shortcuts. Searching for a magic pill. Searching for the secret.

The secret to wealth and success. The secret to happiness. The secret to just about everything.

And the marketers who knew better? They leverage on your obsession. It’s like a dream come true!

Secret Revealed! How A Homeless Guy Made Bazillion In Just 1 Week All On Autopilot With A Method So Simple Even A Child Could Do It!

Does that appeal much to you?

Here’s the harsh truth. There’s no escape from putting in the work. From taking action. Yeah. I know, right? Bummer. What were you expecting? Instant and miraculous outcome dropping from the sky?

And that is how people end up jumping from one book to another. From one course to another. They are probably the same bunch of people who complain that nothing ever works. That every material sounds the same and blame the author for tricking them.

Let’s stop for a second and pick a topic on boosting confidence. How many ways, strategies and ideas that you can think of when it comes to boosting your confidence? Regardless of how many methods there are, all of them are probably already covered in the mountain of materials out there regarding this topic.

So stop the chase already. You don’t have to set yourself up for disappointment and resentment.

Although, there is this one secret…

Put whatever that you’re reading or learning to action and commit to it. If you’re willing to put in the work and effort, the result may just show up when you least expect it.

What are you waiting for?