After a year of being a Tech Lead

One year ago, Dalenys made me Manager. I would be in charge of the marketing direct solution Eperflex

I accepted this as a challenge and this year has been incredible!

The beginning

I always thought that a good developer would not be a great manager. In fact, it’s two different job and it was a bit scary. I left the team I built of two really nice JavaScript developers to take the charge of two senior PHP developers and a two integrator.

When I first saw the project I saw all the bad and not the really good works they already did. Some choice on the data model were really strange and I wanted to destroy everything to rebuild it. Doing so I would get a better knowledge of the code base and the infra.

Let’s be honest, that would have been a huge mistake, time consuming for a really small gain.

Getting to know the job

I thought, I already knew the job since I’ve been the lead dev on the front part of the octosend project for a year. Well, I was wrong! Frist, my old team and I built octosend from scratch but Eperflex has been running for years now. On octosend, I knew all about the code and it’s not the case about Eperflex.

That’s fine

After months of me trying to code on the project between reports and meetings I realized something... My role isn’t to code great stuff for Dalenys anymore it’s to drive awesome developers to built great products. I don’t have time to code. At first it has been hard for me to admit but now I’m fine with it. I still code, I am a developer before everything else and I think I have to keep coding or I’ll be a bad tech lead and I like to think that I can come back to coding if I get tired of managing.

I’m a load balancer

I fell lucky, the Eperflex team is full of friendly, and talented people. The developers welcomed me and helped me a lot. I don’t think I have to know all about the code, they do. In the other hand, what I have to do, is make a workflow, give them the tools and make sure they have everything they need to work.

What’s now

Everything is going well, I follow Eperflex development, Dalenys gave me an other team in charge. A team a knew well, the backend team of octosend. I organise workshop with the team to brainstorm on the evolution we can make and how we can make them.

The past year went really fast and a lot happened but I fell great on my manager role, we still have a lot a stuff to do and I can’t wait to see the future.

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