Relentlessly, Passionately beginning now because it all depends on me.

I am a product of a country moulded by Steve Biko, Joe Slovo, Nelson Mandela , Tsietsi Mashinini and the other comrades who laid down their lives in the struggle for freedom. A sort of freedom was achieved but the remnants of Apartheid still exist, which inspires the content of this blog.

I was born to a beautiful black woman from the township Newcastle, Kwa-Zulu Natal. My father was a white South African born and raised in Johannesburg and notably racist for the majority of his life. Although the racist and inhumane laws of South Africa were banished in 1994, acts such as The Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act of 1949 were embedded in South Africans lifestyles and no longer needed to be law to strive. Therefore, as a biracial child I faced, and still face, discrimination.

The discrimination I faced was not nearly as incredulous as the discrimination I witnessed. However, I always found that I was able to comprehend both the actions of white and black people. Because as much as I am white, I am black. Thus, I always thought this made me a good advocate to speak on race relations. I thought that I had an ‘organic fairness’ to both white and black people. In recent times I have realized it is not about my ‘organic fairness’, my knowledge, passion or earnestness but rather the willingness of my audience to understand.

I am Gabriella Jacobs, a Political Science Major at the University of Cape Town. My intention is to bridge the gap between black people and white people in the only way I can; bringing awareness on various issues with the hope that the walls of discrimination may fall and people can connect.

Note: Fragility is not welcome here.

October 10, 2016