Looking for the One: How I Went on 150 Dates in 4 Months
Sebastian Stadil

I’m glad you mentioned how important feedback is. For some unknown reason asking for feedback is something very uncommon. Why? If something didn’t work out it’s natural to look for reasons. But somehow dating is not the case. Maybe people think that it’s all about chemistry, being like-minded or other subjective things. Or maybe they think it’s impolite to ask for feedback? Anyway fedback is extremely valuable and I’m speaking from my experience. How else would you know whether some aspects of your behavior on a date were positive or negative? Always ask for feedback. Some girls will be surprised but many will give you some valuable input. When you both know that it’s over and you are not going to meet again you can talk about your good and bad sides without unnecessary emotions. There is no need for a long talk, just simple observations, like “you are a decent person but I don’t like when you…” This way you can learn and improve your dating. And don’t forget to give feedback as well. Let it be valuable for both.