We’re excited to announce a new Good for Nothing project in the city of Bath.


Our project will be supported by #NationalLottery Community funding to support communities think about their #EmergingFutures against the backdrop of COVID-19.

From the school climate strikes to the Covid 19 pandemic and most recently the Black Lives Matter movement, Bath as a city has been shaken up in the last few months, different stories have started to rise.

What we know is that people of Bath are becoming more aware of deeper social and environmental challenges and beginning to understand how they exist in…

Notes from zoom call 27th March

We have a zoom call every friday at 11 am GMT. No agenda. We welcome everyone, we check in, we share feelings, questions and reflections, we are a space for collective not knowing.

We are also holding this question:

‘what are you being called to do right now, if you could spend friday/20% of your working week on collective action for the future of humanity, all species and our one planet what would you do ?

Here’s the headlines from the last call…

How will we avoid a return to the growth fetish and…

Notes from zoom call 20/3

Before the coronavirus pandemic locked the world down, I (along with others) had been exploring this idea of how might friday become a day of mass, regular action on our collective futures — a day (or 20% of a working week) for radical collaboration.

More on where it emerged from can be found here and where it is now here and how others are thinking about it here and here.

Anyway last friday as folks began to lock down we ran an open zoom call for one hour to explore this question in the title…

Via ted Hunt with h/t to Greta Thunberg

So it’s been three weeks since Good for Nothing in collaboration with UKSCN and Glimpse convened about 50 folks from various agencies, studios and collectives to a one day creative sprint to start concepting strategies, tactics and ideas to help youth climate strikers UKSCN mobilise one million people onto the streets to climate strike on September 20th.

The sprint day was in addition to the open brief which has been requested about 100 times and shared widely as far as we can tell.

The day itself was awesome - humble, open hearted, super talented people from a range of creative…

So, when we started #Homeful as an experiment, we commited to an emergent process, an approach we’ve been practicing for years and really believe in, for these times of disruption, uncertainty and in pursuit of the great turning towards a more beautiful world.

Great things have been happening with all three projects we’re supporting, and we will share stories on all of that.

But there is one issue that is rising so fast right now and now is a shift in the approach we’ve been taking.

With UKSCN, the unit mobilising school climate strikers in the UK as part of…

Homeful — next phase.

So our Homeful experiment kicked off with great vibes last month. A room full of smart, curious folks showed up, you can watch the whole series of framing and talks in the video below, or just get to each individual movement talk if you scroll down.

After the talks, the room self organised into three crews to support each of these 3 missions, with the plan to go on and develop a concept and launch an experiment to increase their impact over the next three months.

We’re back with a big collaborative mothership experiment in creative generosity and we invite you to get involved.

9 years ago we brought 3 projects together with a crew of creative misfits under one roof for one day in London and amazing things happened, not least the 9 year adventure that unfolded from that experiment.

The world has changed massively. Not only are the problems we face as a human race more gnarly and widespread than ever, but the ways we can participate, mobilise and create have changed with so many new tools and approaches, helping us self-organise and experiment…

8 years ago next month, Good for Nothing (GFN) spluttered out into the universe. On a freezing Saturday morning in east London, about 40 folks trusted our twitter call out, turned up and spent a day gifting their creative ideas and energy to 3 grassroots London based projects trying to solve important shit.

Wonderful things were created in just a few hours, communication ideas, digital and product concepts and designs, funding models and more— moreover new relationships were formed, knowledge was shared, friendships were made, fun was had, community was seeded, new ways of working were experimented with, new potential…

Two months ago there was a rumbling in Bristol about the renewed Good For Nothing chapter. A launch night in July brought us all together for the first time with a group of strangers to do Good in their Hood to find out more about GFN, followed by a whizz stop tour of the resources available to us.

Fast forward to September 14 and the Boston Tea Party cafe in Stokes Croft, (our new home) is pumping. …

A refreshing way to do Good in your Hood.

If you’re familiar with Good For Nothing you’ll have seen our global chapters run all manner of events including 24hr Gigs, the 48hr Gig, The Social, The Gig in a Pub… all these previous events are great stuff we’ve been experimenting with them over the years. And they really work. People love to gift their creative talents. Co- Founder Dan Burgess’s post on Nothing Works tells us that.

And now we want to really engage the masses. So, we are experimenting with a new format with the aim of making it…

Good for Nothing

A rebellion of the heart. Creative generosity. Gift your gifts. #DoGoodinYourHood #Giftivism #GoodforNothing #Rebellionoftheheart

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