Getting Started with creating Nifi Processor and Controller

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As in the previous two articles, Creating Custom Processor and Creating Custom Controller we have seen how we can create our own processor and controller. Now it’s time to integrate and use the the Controller with the Processor we have written.

Lets move on to using our own Controller with our own Processor.

Creating a Custom Processor Using a Custom Controller Service

  1. For this we will be using our previously created sample-processor and sample-controller projects.
  2. First, copy the nifi-sample and nifi-sample-api from the sample-controller project directory to the sample-processor project directory:
$ ls
$ cp -r nifi-sample ../sample-processor/nifi-sample
$ cp -r nifi-sample-api ../sample-processor/nifi-sample-api
$ cd ../sample-processor/ …

Getting Started with creating Nifi Processor and Controller

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This is second article in the series of Apache Nifi creating custom Processor and Controller. If you want to create your own processor you can follow this link.

Lets, skip the introduction part of What is Nifi? and What is a Nifi Processor?

For the introduction you can follow the link for creating custom Nifi Processor.

It’s time to see Nifi Controller.

What is Apache Nifi Controller?

A NiFi Controller Service provides a shared starting point and functionality across Processors, other ControllerServices, and ReportingTasks within a single JVM. …

Getting Started with creating Nifi Processor and Controller

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As a developer I have been given problems related to creating data flows. Where there is data, there will be new challenges and business problems that involve data flows, data integration, and data transformations and enrichment.

One of the solutions that I’ve used very effectively is Apache NiFi, an open source, visually oriented technology tool for effectively and efficiently processing and distributing data across an organization from system to system.

This is series of 3 blogs:

  1. Create Custom Processor
  2. Create Custom Controller
  3. Create a Custom Processor using a Custom Controller

In this series of post I’ll review my experience in developing custom processors and controllers for Apache NiFi and focus on three areas — creating a custom processor, creating a custom controller service, and finally showing how a custom processor and custom controller service can be used together. …

Every wannabe a Developer should know to write more readable, extensible and maintainable programs

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Object oriented programming has brought new paradigm in software development. OOP has enabled developers to design classes which combine the data and its functionality in single unit to deal with sole purpose of its existence.

But, this Object-oriented programming doesn’t prevent confusing, inflexible or unmaintainable programs.

Then comes the Uncle Bob aka Robert C. Martin, with his 5 guidelines/principles. These 5 principles helps developers to create more readable, flexible and maintainable program. …

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