My New Years Resolution

Only a few people have asked me what my New Years Resolution might be, so here’s my answer.

Ice Skating

I’ve only been ice skating about 3 times in the past year, but I realized recently that it’s my confidence level that needs to rise when I get on the ice, without that it’s not much fun, because you worry too much about: falling, being embarrassed, or not being perfect. Perfecting something takes time and that’s something we should all accept.

I want to play some ice hockey eventually. So I’ll be going to my local ice rink at least once a week.

Write More Code

I recently came across someone who had 300+ commits on their github timeline; what better than to challenge myself to do the same? Eventually I don’t want to have to think about if I’m going to miss a commit, I just want to naturally write code every day. Mostly I want to contribute to some large open source projects this year, namely Elixir, Phoenix, and some JavaScript libraries I’m very fond of.

Build Things

I’m doing the 2016 Maker Challenge. Aside from the challenge — maybe it’s apart of it — I’m going to launch at least 5 products this year. A couple of them are things I’ve been working on for a while now, and I’m just getting started. One of those things being:

  • Ideatap — an app to share ideas or find something to be apart of. Soon to be a great way to find a team or a job. Join us on slack and find out what it’s all about, we’re friendly, I promise!

Write Some Stuff

I need to write more — mainly because I feel like there are always thoughts in my head I need to get out. Writing this, I think, will help me keep on track with my goals and “New Years Resolution”. Plus, I started writing a science-fiction book, so I need to improve my writing skills and thought process when it comes to writing words on the screen — you know, cause that’s hard to do.

In short: I’m going to build some things, learn how to ice skate, write more code, and write more. I’ll be making updated posts frequently, as well as on my personal website