He’s gone from a whopping DSLR, to the Fuji X-Series, to the Ricoh GRD, to the Olympus XA2, and now carries the dinky Olympus Stylus Epic. It’s small, self-focusing and fits in the pocket. Sometimes he carries two — one for color and one for B&W.
The Best Street Photographer In San Francisco 2015: Troy Holden
Pete Brook

At a time when I’m thinking of investing in more lenses for my DSLR, I read something that jolts my reasoning for buy more expensive and bulky gear. When I look back to all of the thousands of photos I’ve taken, I’m reminding of the purity in shooting with a 35mm point and shoot during my high school years. I usually carried more than one wherever I sent, with color and black and white, too. Does Troy still shoot with the Fuji and Ricoh? Did he give up on the DSLR?