Greg Owens
Dec 22, 2018 · 1 min read

Lisa, I have personally seen three people who struggled for years with allergies and chronic illness that saw dramatic changes in their health after receiving N.A.E.T treatments. Two of the three would tell you they were on deaths doorstep. They credit getting their lives back because of N.A.E.T. By the way all three had medically diagnosed allergies and spent years seeking help from “real Doctors” that almost got two of them killed. Go seek and interview the real people who’s lives were changed. Don’t stop at a reporter from a regional newspaper for your rebuttal.

After my wife figured out she was definitely reacting to gluten by keeping a food log, she spent 8 years trying to avoid gluten. She saw improvement in her gut health when she could avoid gluten. However, this made going out to eat quite the adventure as to whether she would get a reaction from something as simple as her eggs being cooked on the same griddle as pancakes. After receiving N.A.E.T treatments, her gluten sensitivity is gone. We can now go get bread sticks and pizza with lots of gluten and she doesn’t have a reaction. Life Changing!! This is just one simple example. I could go on and on. The real question is, would you like to learn more first hand?

N.A.E.T. changes lives for the better every day.

    Greg Owens

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