When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege

And you get to write this and feel like you’re not being racist because you’re not white. Sounds like privilege to me. You act like people hustling to get what they want is a uniquely white circumstance. What to perpetuate the discrimination. Hope you realize you are casting stones that can be cast right back.

Why can’t that asshole that is cutting line be that asshole?

Why does he have to be white?

Why do I feel like this line used to be used as a joke about being racially over-sensitive (Why’s he got to be a white guy? Cause that was the color of his skin… What is with you people? What do you mean you people?)?

Seriously, we can stop racism by stopping making it about race. What race that person is, is not the problem. What he is doing is the problem. One anecdote validating your generalization of an entire race is what supremacists live for. Don’t be that guy.

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