Really? Someone has actually taken the time to create a website detailing every time they *think…
Gayle Laakmann McDowell

I’d say it very much matters what *she* is doing with the money she is making. It speaks very much to defining what *she* means by livable. I’d say the site referenced clearly undermines her argument. In fact, it is quite insulting that she would suggest she deserves better than what she has.

Demanding that Yelp do more when there are literally countless companies doing less has been seen throughout history as a motivator for capital and expertise to leave such hostile environments. I, for one, would hate to see those who are making change (versus talking about change) through building their own businesses, cultures, and movements (versus complaining about the ones they latch on to) disengage from our broader society due to the compulsory requirement to carry dead weight.

I would rather see a company providing jobs in a community because it is their community, and doing so how they see fit, than to see no company at all. There comes a point where we simply cannot compete in a global market. How much do you think a Cuban peso is worth versus the dollar? You want to insulate our markets to provide an artificial standard of living? Lets see how sustainable that is…

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