I never know what people when they say that they’re “free” to do something.
Gayle Laakmann McDowell

I don’t know anything about the Justine Sacco situation. I can read up on it and give you my thoughts if you are truly interested.

For perspective Gayle, you have to admit there is a great deal of animosity presented in the media towards the “white male” right now. By standing up for my views, I get attacked all the time (including right here on Medium). I don’t block people, I don’t complain that they are hurting me. I defend my position. I don’t ask for your empathy. What I plead for more than any in these types of interactions is reason. Be reasonable. Making pleas to emotion is not reasonable. That does not mean emotions do not exist.

Equating my criticism of her perspective (again, I never said anything about the quality of person she is) to stealing seems a bit absurd. I would like an example of one of my positions you find to be personal attacks versus justifications for why I believe she makes a poor choice in the narrative of poverty, and how you would have rather I framed it to be such a justification.

Thank you.

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