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I love the amount of historical precedent used as justification to validate your points. It is amazing the spectrum of views that authoritarianism attacks. Communists and Anarchists are pretty far off from each other, yet both challenge the American authoritarian status quo. One could argue that what we are seeing play out in the current election cycle is an overall dissatisfaction with that authoritarian status quo on both sides of that spectrum.

Libertarians are dissatisfied with the Republicans and the Democrats, Fascists are dissatisfied with the Republicans, Socialists are dissatisfied with the Democrats, and what we are left with is anyone’s guess. It almost seems as though Rubio and Clinton should be joining forces to save the Establishment, while Sanders, Trump, and the rest of the outsiders battle to solidify a base.

I’d love to see a departure from the two-party system and having people vote more directly for the lobbies they support. Having the individual lobbies form a multi-party system more akin to Europe’s would be far more representative, and far more transparent.

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