I wonder.

Is the privilege I have something I should be ashamed of because the people who gave it to me did everything they could to provide it?

Did they not come from a world where others were struggling to establish their own privilege?

Are we not still struggling to have our privileges and provide them to our children?

Am I being called out for my privilege because no one should have it, or because you want what I have, or because you think everyone should have it?

I’m willing to share.

I don’t think I should have to denounce those who gave me my privilege in order to share it with others.

Why can’t we all share on our own terms?

I’ve got nothing but love for everyone.

If I show you anything less, it is my weakness, not yours.

That doesn’t mean hate me.

That means forgive me.

After all, isn’t the power really in the hands of those who can deliver mercy?

Seems like something I can be hopeful about.

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