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I’m no Trump supporter, but congrats Edna Shaw, you have definitely created a contrast between the feelings of some about Trump, and what can otherwise be viewed as a valid rationale behind the ideology of Trump. A great deal of the animosity towards Trump comes in the way of feelings, not logical constructs. Then again, I’d say much of what Trump is playing on is feelings. Trump’s game is an emotional one. To me, the entirety of the presidential race is a farce anyway. The President will do very little in the next four years as compared to the lifelong pursuits of those in Congress. Further, we must bring back balance between the three branches of our federal government, and hold them accountable to the Constitution they have sworn to uphold.

There are many programs, and agendas our federal government has enacted that are great for the American people, but outside constitutional bounds. We must stop interpreting the Constitution to fit the agenda, and instead amend the Constitution to fit the agenda. It is far more deliberate, and far more as our government was intended. To end, I’m 33 years old, and I have yet to see an amendment proposed and ratified in my lifetime. The only amendment ratified in my lifetime was proposed in the 18th century.

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