In Australia we elect our politicians (federal, state and municipal) but not any of our judges or…
Daan Spijer

Sounds like a serious breach of our first amendment (here in the US). Then again, the continuing use of interpretation to enact constitutional change in lieu of the amendment process may well render our entire Constitution meaningless. You can only change the understanding of the same words so many times before those words lose their value. There hasn’t been a single amendment put forth in my lifetime, and the only one that has been ratified was put forth in the 18th century.

As to the actual examples you speak of, that sounds very much like crony capitalism at work. I’m sorry to hear it has spread so far. It is sad when these companies are given such validation by the governments. To me, these companies would be far more accountable to the people without government protections because they would have to deal with a heightened awareness, and a greater civic engagement.

In the US, there seems to be a correlation between the growth of a central government and the retreat of civic engagement. There is a growing sense that people are trying to simply vote their problems away. They want the federal government to tackle the people’s problems when it is the people who must tackle them. Further, the more centralized the authority is, the more easily corrupted and controlled by these power-hungry forces. Corporations and companies are too well-funded, and too well-organized for individual interests to compete against them in the election processes.

That is why I argue for more decentralized authority, and greater civic engagement by the people themselves. We, the people, should be holding businesses that negatively impact our greater well-being accountable for it. Simplifying our legal systems to clarify accountability is one way we can do that. Further, encouraging a more voluntarist system of government would develop more ownership in government because people would be free to engage in their civic duties as they think they can best contribute.

Just my two cents.

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