The Ballad of Billy Bush
bobby finger

While I get a lot of the things you point to as being wrong are indeed wrong today. It definitely seems there is a sense of applying today’s social norms to things that happened over a decade ago. I don’t think anyone would appreciate it if we allowed laws to be enacted today to create criminals of people who were doing something perfectly legal before. It’s called ex post facto, and it is something discouraged in the United States.

Perhaps we should stop digging up things that happened in a different time, and applying today’s standards to them. I haven’t seen Donald Trump grab anyone by their nethers during his campaign. I haven’t seen him pop a tic-tac and go in for the kill either. I couldn’t imagine having people record my conversations and applying moral judgment to them 15 years later. It is sad so many are so quick to engage in such a practice.

I’m sure everyone making these judgments have nothing they’ve said in the past decade they’d appreciate leaving in the past. These moral pillars of our nation, why have they not been the ones running for the highest office?

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