I’m not a woman, so this could be taken with a grain of salt.
Xavier Aguilar

While I understand that words can hurt someone emotionally, we cannot equate it to physical harm. There simply is no metric to make that an objective reality. Without some constant by which to judge, we cannot gauge the harm caused by any measurement other than the reaction to said harm. That being said, at no point was I justifying harassment of any sort (I explicitly said it is terrible).

To your point about being angry or fearful, I was simply pointing out that the harasser is probably in a position of extreme pain and anger themselves. Knowing this, one can use that to their advantage to de-escalate the situation causing the problem in the first place. While a change in perspective may not help everyone, it can help some. I’m not trying to suggest that anyone should, “toughen up and get over it”, I’m suggesting that looking at these online harassers as the little old man behind the curtain of the big scary Wizard of Oz could help lessen the anxiety for some.

I’m not foolish enough to believe there is some panacea that can work for all. Therefore, I suggest something that may help for some. To each their own. We all struggle in our own ways. I don’t judge anyone for dealing with their struggles in whatever way helps them to get by. I’m just here to help those I can when I can in ways I know how. If it works for you, awesome. If not, may you find the help you seek.